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Editor's note: body development has been the highlight of China's automotive industry in recent years, and will also be the direction of domestic automotive enterprises in R & D for a long time in the future. It can be predicted that in this process, the application of PLM in enterprises will be more and more extensive and in-depth, and will play an irreplaceable role in promoting the independent innovation of enterprises

guokonghui, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering/Professor of Jilin University

many problems in China's automotive industry are rooted in culture. Many people believe that China should not engage in "national brands" and "development of application methods of independent impact testing machines", saying that "in the era of economic globalization, the concept of 'national automobile industry' is wrong!", He also said, "what is China's automobile industry? The automobile industry in China is China's automobile industry!" "Now we should take the South American road instead of unrealistically pursuing the same path as Japan and South Korea". Ideological constraints will inevitably restrict independent innovation in the field of science and technology. Therefore, China's automotive industry needs an independent innovation culture

where does the core technology of the automotive industry come from

where does the core technology come from? So we should do it first, and do more! The key is to actively develop independent brands if you want to do it! We should not only absorb everything, but also be brave in innovation! Some people always think that automobile is a mass-produced high input and high-tech commodity, and the development of automobile is very difficult, so it is better to rely on foreigners as much as possible. But we have been relying on it for more than 20 years. Should we walk by ourselves

Chu Kexin, chairman of China Mold Industry Association/general manager of FAW mold manufacturing Co., Ltd.

the rapid development of the automotive industry has driven the growth of the mold industry. According to the statistics of the mold Association, there are more than 100 enterprises with a certain scale engaged in auto body mold, with a total output value of more than 3 billion, of which 20 have an output value of more than 50million yuan. In recent years, China's mold manufacturing industry has developed molds and fixtures for more than 30 models of domestic medium-class cars. However, the reason why we can develop and grow is mainly due to independent innovation. It is independent innovation that makes us stronger. At present, CAE stamping simulation analysis has been defined into the stamping process design process. It can effectively simulate the actual trial punching process, predict the stamping defects, and truly simulate the forming process of thin plate through the accumulation of analysis parameters and material parameters. In actual production, it has obvious effect in controlling cost and cycle and improving product quality. Nowadays, the three-dimensional solid design of automobile panel mold has been adopted by many mold enterprises. Three dimensional design is the change of design means: parametric model is easier to modify; The establishment of various resource bases and knowledge bases greatly improves the flexibility and reusability of

design; The intuitive mathematical model reflects the real state of the design. Through motion simulation, interference inspection and other means, the 10 prefix will automatically stop when each fracture occurs, and the problems will be exposed in advance. The design result of three-dimensional entity is almost a revolutionary ability improvement for the subsequent foam processing, numerical control processing, assembly and debugging. At present, all automobile manufacturers are using three-dimensional data for automobile design and development. The shape, size and assembly relationship of body parts are expressed by three-dimensional mathematical models

innovation is endless. Although we have achieved rapid development, there is still a big gap with international advanced mold enterprises. In the future, the mold manufacturing industry still needs to rely on scientific and technological innovation to achieve development, and pursue dreams together with the automotive industry

one is digitalization, which requires the deep development and integrated application of cae/cad/cam, as well as further deepening the application of digital sampling/detection, electronic prototype, simulation, digital factory and virtual reality

the second is intelligence. The development of knowledge engineering technology and the establishment of enterprise knowledge base make empirical design move towards knowledge resource-based and optimized design. With the help of advanced product development concepts such as collaborative design, concurrent design and template design, the quality and performance of products are greatly improved

then informatization. Mold manufacturing enterprises should improve their management level and have the ability of rapid response and timely adjustment. It is difficult to achieve management informatization without a complete set of advanced management system. Informatization has become a necessary condition for many mold enterprises to survive

through the progress in recent years, several major automobile mold factories in China have the ability to undertake the design and manufacturing tasks of intermediate car whole vehicle mold of domestic automobile factories. China is becoming a world manufacturing center, and many famous foreign automobile manufacturers come to China's automobile mold factory to purchase molds. For example, the import and export volume of China's molds in 2005 was US $2billion and US $800million respectively. This problem is worth thinking about together. In my opinion, the mold industry needs more trust, and domestic automobile enterprises should provide more opportunities for the mold industry

Lei Yucheng, President of Shanghai Tongji TONGJIE Technology Co., Ltd.

Tongji Tongjie and domestic design companies committed to automobile independent development have changed the current and future pattern of China's automobile industry, so that China's automobile industry can be preserved and China will become the center of the world's automobile manufacturing industry. For example, under the call of the efforts of the pioneers of auto independent development of the older generation of Autobots, Tongji Tongjie launched the first shot of auto independent development. With the response of many domestic enterprises and colleagues, a good situation of national independent development and anti Japanese war was formed, which changed the strategic pattern of China's auto industry. At the same time, it also changed the history of China's inability to develop modern cars, making China the eighth country with the ability to develop cars

it has greatly reduced the cost and threshold of automobile design and development, made it possible for domestic automobile manufacturers to survive, changed the pattern that China's local automobile enterprises will almost be destroyed after entering the GATT, and gave Chinese automobile enterprises a glimmer of vitality and hope

in general, due to the improvement of China's automobile design and development ability and the low-cost business model, it is very difficult for foreign automobile manufacturers to compete with them. It can be predicted that in the near future, the fields below level B (including level B) will be the world of Chinese automobile enterprises

Dai Yi, Senior Manager/doctor of CAE in Automotive Engineering Institute of SAIC Group

foreign CAE analysis process and software development environment have experienced the stage of introduction, promotion and popularization. At present, it has reached the stage of substantial benefits, and has been widely recognized by international well-known vehicle companies such as general motors and Ford. The secondary development is closely combined with CAE software

the domestic CAE analysis process and software development environment are still in the initial stage, there is no unified industry standard, the accumulation of relevant database and engineering experience is less, and the enterprise design and development process and knowledge base cannot be combined with CAE software through secondary development

the urgent problems to be solved in CAE independent innovation are: formulating unified industry standards and analysis processes; Develop the knowledge base based on CAE simulation analysis and accumulate development experience; Combined with the needs of domestic practical engineering, develop (or secondary development) the automobile design CAE engineering knowledge base with independent intellectual property rights

ptc Greater China automotive industry technical director Qian Weixun

the automotive industry is an industry that uses CAD relatively early. The application of 2D CAD is relatively popular, but the application of 3D is not deep enough. Many 3D applications still stay in 3D modeling, not 3D design

in the past five years, more and more Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprises (including vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers) have realized the importance of "product first" for the survival and development of enterprises, and invested a lot of human and material resources to build the product development system of enterprises. Many Chinese automobile enterprises have gradually realized that the "automobile industry" is not just the "body industry". The successful rise of Japanese and Korean enterprises (Toyota of Japan, Hyundai of Korea) has provided fresh successful cases for the growth of Chinese enterprises, and their experience in the construction of product development system and the application of PLM technology is also of constructive reference significance. I believe that the PLM application of automobile enterprises in the future will show the following characteristics:

first, Chinese automobile enterprises gradually realize that only under the guidance of the "product first" idea, from the three levels of enterprise strategy, process and technology, can they provide a compass for the successful application of PLM technology

secondly, many automotive enterprises' consideration of PLM technology, in addition to paying attention to the basic R & D management application function of PLM, focuses more on the expansion ability of PLM in important stages of product manufacturing, service and other life cycles (such as integrating with ERP system, automatically and accurately generating electronic atlas of parts and components required for after-sales service, etc.), Also pay more attention to PLM's support ability in the enterprise supply chain (such as supplier electronic data distribution, supplier early purchase management, etc.); Automobile enterprises have raised their awareness of the importance of product development process to an unprecedented level, and are also aware of the great challenges brought by the dynamic changes in the external business environment to the consistency and continuous improvement of enterprise processes. Establishing a highly flexible enterprise collaborative project management environment and business workflow management platform has become an essential content for enterprises to build product development system at present and in the future

the joint development and collaborative design of more and more automobile enterprises with partners and suppliers put forward higher requirements for the architecture of PLM application and the protection ability of enterprise knowledge assets. Building a safe, flexible product development system that can meet the requirements of enterprise global product development has become a key consideration for enterprises to carry out PLM application construction, and also an important support for enterprises to gradually deepen the level of PLM application

for PTC, at present, PTC is an excellent thermal insulation material in China. Customers in the automotive industry can be divided into two categories, one is complete machine factory customers, and the other is supply chain customers. The former includes FAW Group Technology Center, FAW sedan, Dongfeng Group, Chang'an Automobile, FAW Haima, Dachangjiang motorcycle, etc., while the latter includes Dalian diesel engine plant, Shanghai diesel engine plant, Wuxi Diesel engine plant, Weichai Power Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Plant and other powertrain supporting plants, the applications of these customers mainly focus on the model R & D data and R & D process management, and some users have expanded to remote collaborative design management. In general, their application focuses on:

meeting the increasingly fierce competitive requirements of the automotive industry and coping with its great challenges to the improvement of R & D quality

facing the complex and changeable market and customer needs, manage the growing product models and data

facing the dynamic business environment outside the enterprise and the business measures for continuous improvement inside the enterprise, ensure the enterprise execution and execution quality of the R & D process

a unique R & D model for product development in China's automotive industry, optimizing the information infrastructure for global product R & D

for the automotive industry, PTC's rich product portfolio and advanced technology architecture provide strong support for all levels of the enterprise's product R & D ecological environment. Secondly, PTC global service department can formulate a long-term PLM application implementation plan for different enterprises according to the actual situation of different enterprises, and gradually adopt PTC product solutions in different implementation stages to improve the product development of enterprises

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