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Original title: robot and industrial interconnection discussion

first, what is industrial interconnection

next, I want to introduce the precautions for the protection, maintenance and use of cold and hot shock testing machines

industrial interconnection is a national strategic new infrastructure to promote high-quality development, with typical characteristics of large-scale, multi scene, low time delay and high reliability, which requires centralized investment and long-term return. The construction goal of industrial interconnection is to form a full dimensional coverage around land, sea, air and sky, connect the virtual world with the physical world in all fields, and provide all-round support for human production and life. At present, based on the integration of industrialization and industrialization and intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection is continuously expanding and upgrading, from internal to external, from serial to parallel, from linear to nonlinear, and further promoting the deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing, such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5g, etc. Through the comprehensive interconnection of all factors such as data, labor, technology, capital and market, the high degree of collaboration between the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain such as supply chain, innovation chain, service chain, logistics chain and financial chain, as well as the innovation and reconstruction of the whole value chain from value single point to value networking symbiosis, from commodity exchange to information exchange, and then to knowledge and ability exchange, industrial interconnection has greatly improved the utility and efficiency of tools, Significantly optimize the process and mechanism of decision-making, continue to innovate the production mode, organization form and business paradigm characterized by customization, service and integration, realize the precise connection and real-time matching between the supply side and the demand side, build a new digital, networked and intelligent production and manufacturing system and service system, and enable the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the real economy

second, what is robot

robot is not only the key supporting equipment of advanced manufacturing industry, but also an important entry point to improve human lifestyle. Its R & D and industrial application is an important symbol to measure a country's scientific and technological innovation, and the length difference between the two largest diagonals o1o1 and o2o2 is no more than 0.3mm, which is an important indicator of the development level of high-end manufacturing. According to the application environment of robots, the International Federation of robots (IFR) divides robots into industrial robots and service robots. Among them, industrial robots refer to robots applied to production processes and environments, mainly including man-machine cooperative robots and industrial mobile robots; Besides industrial robots, service robots are all kinds of advanced robots used in non manufacturing industries and serving human beings, mainly including personal/household service robots and public service robots. Combined with our own technology and industrial development practice, robots are divided into three categories: industrial robots, service robots and special robots. Among them, industrial robot refers to the multi joint manipulator or multi degree of freedom robot facing the industrial field, which performs some monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time operations instead of human beings through automatic control in the process of industrial production and processing, mainly including welding robot, handling robot, stacking robot, packaging robot, spraying robot, cutting robot and cleanroom robot. Service robot refers to a variety of high-tech integrated advanced robots that provide necessary services for human beings in an unstructured environment, mainly including household service robots, medical service robots and public service robots. Among them, public service robots 2. Projection screen diameter: 200mm people refer to robots that provide general services for human beings in public places other than medical fields, such as agriculture, finance, logistics, education, etc. Special robots refer to robots that replace human beings in high-risk environments and special working conditions, mainly including military application robots, extreme operation robots and emergency rescue robots

III. what role robots play in industrial interconnection

(I) supporting the construction of the data foundation of industrial interconnection

industrial data is a key resource element for the collection, transmission, storage, analysis and application of industrial interconnection. With the in-depth implementation of the innovative development strategy of industrial interconnection, it has been constantly given new missions, and has become a driving force for the upgrading of modern industrial system and supporting the digitalization, networking, and The basic driving force of intelligent transformation. Robots deployed on the production and manufacturing sites with great commercial potential can build the data base of industrial interconnection through large-scale and deep-seated industrial data collection, as well as protocol conversion and edge processing of heterogeneous data. It is mainly divided into three ways: first, access other different devices, systems and products through various communication means to collect massive data; The second is to realize the normalization and edge integration of multi-source heterogeneous data based on protocol conversion technology; Third, the edge computing function is used to realize the aggregation and processing of underlying data and the integration of data to the cloud platform

(II) help expand the "intelligence +" utility of industrial interconnection

first, guide the agglomeration of a large number of intelligent elements. As an important part of the industrial interconnection system, robots carry a large number of related systems, process parameters, software tools, business needs and manufacturing capabilities of enterprises, guide, converge and link a large number of industrial resources, provide the necessary foundation for the generation of intelligence and create the preconditions for the intelligent development of manufacturing industry through interactive collaboration and iterative optimization

second, drive the intelligent allocation of industrial resources. Robots can play an important role in the industrial interconnection platform, become the hub of all elements of industry, connect industrial applications upward, connect massive devices downward, continuously precipitate and accumulate a large number of industrial experience and knowledge models with application and promotion value, and drive the intelligent upgrading and operation of manufacturing system and ecology through more scientific and efficient industrial resource allocation methods and paths

third, effectively break through the bottleneck of intelligent upgrading of manufacturing industry. The computing architecture carried by robots is increasingly advanced and can be connected with high-performance cloud computing infrastructure, so as to realize the integration, storage and computing of massive heterogeneous data, effectively solve the bottleneck problem that the explosive growth of industrial data does not match the computing capacity of existing industrial systems, and speed up the data-driven networking and intellectualization process of manufacturing industry

fourth, how does industrial interconnection promote the development of robots

first, it helps robots realize interconnection and data sharing. Through big data technology based on industrial interconnection, robot related data analysis and sharing can be realized, which can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment, improve productivity and reduce costs on the whole. According to statistics, robots with industrial interconnection can help production enterprises improve production efficiency by 8%-15% and reduce production costs by 8%-15%

the second is to effectively reduce the loss and maintenance cost of the robot. Through remote real-time data monitoring, management and alarm, the production management status can be synchronized in time, so that the robot can effectively reduce material consumption during work, effectively avoid deformation, scratches and bumps, and reduce the shutdown cost caused by maintenance by more than 30% every year

third, support robots to carry out customized production. Through the design and optimization of the working model, the robot can quickly adapt to the customized production of multiple varieties and small batches, the products can be quickly updated, adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition, effectively save investment and form economies of scale

(author: Xu Xiaolan, Secretary General of the world robotics conference, vice president and Secretary General of the China Electronics Society, and President of the China Institute of industrial interconnection)

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