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Talk about the development trend of Shenzhen's printing industry

the 20-year development history of Shenzhen's printing industry is the same as that of Shenzhen in the past 20 years: from scratch, growing at a high speed, forming a scale, and establishing an important position in the national printing industry. The printing industry in Shenzhen not only has a high output value, but also has become one of the most important production bases of high-quality and fine printing products

however, we must not be complacent. Because the printing industry in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places is developing at a speed no lower than that in Shenzhen in the past two years, introducing new equipment and learning new technology. Some printing enterprises in Shenzhen are also going north to seek new development, which has also promoted the development of printing industry in these areas. Because the main market of book printing is in the north. Therefore, an important topic is put in front of Shenzhen printing industry: what is the future of Shenzhen printing industry? How can Shenzhen printing continue to develop and maintain its leading position? At the beginning of the century, what should our Shenzhen printing industry think about? Of course, the most important thing is that the Shenzhen municipal government should pay more attention to and support the printing industry, and give more advantages in policy, which will lead to the failure of the experiment. The printing industry is an urban industry, which is very suitable for the vigorous development of Shenzhen, an emerging modern city

I personally believe that Shenzhen has become an open city with acceptable stress status recognized by all provinces and cities across the country, so it can continue to become a good trading partner and partner in all aspects. Although the main market of publishing and printing is in the north. We will still have business and sustainable development in the coming years. In order to achieve sustainable development, we must maintain our advantages in concept, quality, service, technology, equipment, talents and management, which cannot be achieved by others. We must speed up the application of high and new technology and produce high-quality printing products dominated by high-end printing products

some people say that the era of knowledge economy has arrived! Whether this formulation is accurate or not, the main technical characteristics of today's era are very obvious - the rapid progress of digital technology, the rapid development of remote information transmission technology and the rapid practicality of Internet technology. Facing such an era, printing enterprises must change. The first is the change of concept. Because the revolution caused by new technology in the printing industry is not limited to printing technology, but involves almost all aspects related to enterprise management, such as marketing, service mode, business mode, production height, financial accounting, personnel administration, etc. Today's enterprises can quickly realize a lot of work through computer processing and network transmission: transmission, collection, analysis, reproduction, revision, printing, storage, quotation, supervision, inquiry, procurement, payment, notification, etc. many production testing machines that are impossible to use hands have excellent performance and are trustworthy. Jinan assay is now easy for you to buy the preferred choice of experimental machines. Especially large and medium-sized enterprises, if they stick to the traditional state and don't want to change, sooner or later they will be eliminated. Undoubtedly, advanced technology is a huge productive force, and it is impossible to fight against it with the traditional and backward mode of operation and production

facing the competitive pressure, some enterprises think of going north and moving to seek low cost. However, the more important thing to seek is to reduce the cost of the enterprise itself. In particular, reducing the interaction cost between enterprise departments has become a major issue for large and medium-sized printing enterprises. (1) The basic management mode of enterprises formed nearly a hundred years ago continues to this day. The larger the enterprise is, the more levels it has. The relationship between departments and between people is complex, and the interaction cost is very high. (2) The transmission of information in a crisscross structure is often deformed, neglected, blocked and even wrong. (3) In reality, many enterprises with large scale and complex structure are not in an advantage in the competition. Unreasonable multi-level is the main organizational reason for the phenomenon of overstaffing. This management cost has become a heavy burden for many enterprises, and has greatly reduced the work efficiency, production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. (4) The computerization of the office and the networking of office and production command can make the consultation timely, synchronously, massively and accurately transmitted, which makes some intermediate levels redundant. This also makes us start to think about whether the current enterprise hierarchy needs to be transformed to make it more flat, smoother and more efficient

from the perspective of technical characteristics, some people call the current era the era of network economy or the era of network. Luo makes the world smaller. Luo's announcement is part of the adjustment of the announcement of the Tariff Commission of the State Council on imposing tariffs on imported goods originating in the United States of $50billion (announcement [2018] No. 5) issued by China's Tariff Commission on June 16, which desalinates distance and region. Printing enterprises in the Internet era are more equal in front of the market. (1) For the first time, the network era has made large, medium and small enterprises equal in market development; For the first time, large and small enterprises can cross regions and national boundaries equally. (2) Advertising can make the company famous simply and quickly. Everyone can pass on the enterprise's information to customers through their own stations or others' stations, especially professional stations. (3) Shangbookstore has become the sales of books and periodicals with the widest coverage so far, which has led to the globalization of the book and periodical market and the internationalization of printing enterprises. (4) Purchasing materials can make it possible to lower prices and ensure the supply of materials in a timely manner. (5) Bidding on orders will increase opportunities for enterprises and narrow the price difference between regions. (6) Data transmission enables the transmission of originals to be safe, reliable, accurate and timely, and the cost is reduced, so that digital printing can play a greater role. (7) Interconnection has brought new business opportunities to printing enterprises and opportunities to restructure processes and reduce costs, which depends on whether we can grasp it. Our printing enterprises in Shenzhen should be the pacesetters in the pursuit of advanced technology, actively promote the application of network technology, and improve the business management of enterprises

the reason for saying this is to express: only by clarifying the characteristics of the times and the development direction of printing enterprises today, can the printing enterprises in Shenzhen be more modernized, efficient, and grow faster, so that the group image of printing enterprises in Shenzhen is higher, the government pays more attention to it, and the development is better, and can always stand in the forefront of the national printing industry

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