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Random talk on the development trend of carton machinery and equipment in China

as a carton manufacturing enterprise providing carton machinery and equipment supporting services, carton machinery enterprises are also developing with the development and demand of the carton industry. Before the 1970s, the carton production equipment was operated manually by a single machine, and the production efficiency was very low. In the 1980s, some carton enterprises began to introduce Japanese advanced equipment, corrugated board production lines, water-based printing slotting machines, circular die cutting machines, etc., and domestic carton machinery enterprises began to imitate the imported equipment

due to the high price of imported equipment from abroad, most domestic carton enterprises cannot accept it, opening a market for domestic machinery and equipment enterprises. Form relatively advanced carton packaging machinery and equipment at present. However, according to the current development of carton production, the requirements of carton machinery and equipment are getting higher and higher. It points out the direction and development trend of carton machinery for carton packaging machinery enterprises to further develop high-speed, high-grade, high-efficiency and high-tech carton machinery and equipment

it is an inevitable trend to develop high-grade corrugated board production lines

the corrugated board production lines introduced by carton enterprises at home and abroad in the early stage (1980s) have been used for more than 20 years and must be updated and eliminated. It is necessary to purchase relatively high-grade corrugated lines. Domestic large and medium-sized carton enterprises have certain economic strength and market competitiveness. Their products are famous, special and excellent high-volume, high-quality medium and high-grade cartons. Of course, we need high-quality, high-grade, high-speed, efficient and wide corrugated board production lines. If domestic machinery enterprises can produce "four heights and one width", they will certainly be accepted by carton enterprises. Because the price gap between domestic lines and import lines is huge, import lines cannot be bought without strong economic strength, and domestic lines are easy to be accepted by carton enterprises with low prices. Of course, there is still a certain gap between the domestic tile line and the international tile line, including three R & D centers and one pilot test base. These gaps are mainly in the structure, speed, material and processing. The ultimate way for the development of the main aluminum alloy cable industry is to stick to the right path, which requires continuous efforts, organizations, institutions and talents to strengthen research and continuous improvement, It is possible to spend 8 Yang and 10 years to catch up with the international advanced level. O

the single-sided corrugating unit will be eliminated due to "centralized version making and decentralized box making". The single-sided corrugating unit went into mass action from the 1980s to the early 1990s. It is feasible to adapt to small and medium-sized carton enterprises and replace the single-machine manual operation, but it cannot be compared with the corrugated cardboard line. The single-sided corrugating unit produces cardboard in the pp/2 silicon oxide composite system, which has soft, poor quality Waste of base paper and other weaknesses. At present, the pattern of cooperative production within the industry of "centralized board making and decentralized box making" is implemented throughout the country, and the single-sided corrugated units are bound to be eliminated. Instead of using the cardboard produced in the front, we use the method of purchasing cardboard from the production line to process cartons

the future direction of carton machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is to reduce ordinary tile lines and develop medium and high-grade tile lines. The three-layer tile line and the five-layer ordinary tile line are low-grade products. Due to their slow speed, poor quality and low grade, they cannot meet the market demand, which limits the development of carton enterprises. Some enterprises' ordinary corrugated lines have been used for too long and the equipment is aging, so they must update the medium and high-grade corrugated lines. Of course, some small and medium-sized enterprises can only purchase ordinary corrugated lines for the time being due to economic conditions and sales restrictions. In addition, different regions should also be treated differently. Carton packaging developed provinces and cities, such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions are basically suitable for high-grade lines. The western region is economically backward, and the packaging industry is also relatively backward. Some provinces have no tile line, and rely on single-sided and single-sided machines to produce cartons. Some provinces and cities in the western region do not have several production lines, so they regard the ordinary tile line as a "treasure", and there is still room for development. Therefore, the ordinary tile line is also suitable for small and medium-sized carton enterprises and the economically backward western region, and cannot be eliminated. However, as the goal of machinery manufacturing enterprises, we should face the carton packaging area, develop a new generation of high-end, high-speed, high-quality, high-sensitivity family free box moving equipment, and carton machinery should also develop to high-tech content. There is still a big gap between domestic in-house carton machinery and internationally advanced countries, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries, and the equipment price gap is even larger. There is also a gap with Taiwan. At present, Taiwan carton machinery and equipment manufacturers set up enterprises in mainland provinces and cities to compete with domestic carton machinery and equipment enterprises and occupy the domestic market. The price of Taiwan machinery and equipment is low, only% higher than that of domestic similar products, which is easy to be accepted by carton enterprises. Force the domestic carton machinery industry to further improve product quality and "To develop in the direction of" four heights and one width ", we must catch up with Taiwan and then move closer to the international advanced level.

focusing on the development of carton processing equipment is the development direction.

focusing on the development of carton processing equipment is the direction of carton machinery enterprises in the future. The carton production structure has been or is being adjusted, entering a new pattern of specialized division of labor and cooperative production. Shanghai newly established carton enterprises basically use the mold of purchasing carton processing after the process to produce cartons Type, less investment, fast output, low cost and good benefit. The subsequent process of corrugated box is an important part of carton production. After solving the paperboard quality, the focus is on printing, slitting, bonding and die-cutting processes

from the development trend of carton industry in the new century, first, accelerate the development of medium and high-end cartons, focusing on the development of medium and high-end cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight; The second is to develop flexible printing, dot multicolor color printing, die cutting and molding cartons; Third, kraft linerboard transportation packaging is gradually replaced by white kraft linerboard color printing commodity packaging to realize the commercialization and serialization of internal and external packaging; Fourth, develop special-shaped cartons and fine corrugated (DE) corrugated cartons, which are beautiful, generous and light-weight after die cutting, so as to provide convenience for consumers

how can the products be standardized, serialized, multi variety, multi base material and multi-purpose? This is the development trend and important goal of the carton industry during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period. To achieve the above goals, the technical equipment transformation of the carton industry is an important aspect, which will provide opportunities for carton machinery and equipment enterprises. The corrugated board production line will be equipped with de single-sided machine and slitting computer thin blade separator. The following process equipment is equipped with high-speed, multi-function, multi-color, waste water cleaning printing slotting machine, flat pressing high-speed die-cutting machine or high-speed indentation machine, thin blade cutting indentation machine, high-end printing surface veneering machine, automatic or semi-automatic bonding machine, laser computer engraving machine, and there are few people using flexographic processing equipment and other subsequent processes

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