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Survive in the face of adversity "six promotions" plan for new development

survive in the face of adversity "six promotions" plan for new development

there are not many waste plastic recycling plants in Beizhong group. Just 10 days ago, on February 17, China Construction Machinery Information

in 2015, how to survive in adversity and how to seek development under difficulties is the biggest test for all cadres and employees of China North Heavy Industries Group Corporation, It is also the driving force to stimulate all cadres and employees to move forward

continue to promote quality benefit development. How to solve the "three high and one low" problems of high loans, high receivables, high inventories and low profits is the focus of establishing a quality benefit sustainable development model. In 2015, the company will control the "two funds" within the limit

continue to promote the work of reducing losses and reversing losses. In accordance with the requirements of the group company for loss reduction and turnaround, and in combination with the actual development of the enterprise, the company formulated loss reduction and turnaround plans for seven loss making enterprises in 2014

continue to promote the research and development of military and civilian products. In 2015, military products will be based on the "four advantages", take the initiative to analyze the construction of the equipment system of the three services, accurately grasp the equipment needs, and do a good job in military product research and development in advance. Civil products will always follow the four principles of "combining with the market, cost, users and production capacity"

continue to promote market development. In 2015, we will further innovate the business model and improve the marketing mechanism. The special steel sector will focus on major customers such as Guodian, Huadian and Shenhua, and make new breakthroughs in the development of high-end seamless steel pipe market; We will actively explore the market for relevant projects in the autonomous region and strive to achieve a major breakthrough in orders in the autonomous region. On the basis of expanding the domestic market, the mining vehicle sector should take a broad view of the international market, compete with the world mining vehicle giants in the market, and constantly improve the international market share of mining vehicles. The coal machinery sector should accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of coal machinery products and actively adapt to market changes. The special vehicle sector should speed up the upgrading process of special vehicles, meet the needs of users and expand new markets. The products of petroleum machinery and tools should give full play to the market advantages of Anton company, make use of the qualified supplier qualifications of PetroChina and Sinopec, develop the target markets at home and abroad, and ensure that the annual sales of petroleum machinery and tools reach more than 3000

continue to promote the systematic lean management strategy of the whole value chain. In 2015, we should continue to be problem-oriented and index oriented, focus on the eight links of production and manufacturing, market development, product research and development, and material utilization, practically find the existing problems, draw up a list for the problems, deeply analyze the root causes of the problems, formulate an operable, quantifiable, and assessable implementation plan, and strongly promote how much you know about lean management

continuously improve the effectiveness of assessment. In 2015, the effectiveness is high, and the assessment will be strengthened. We should conduct a comprehensive assessment of all secondary units through the completion of the monthly plan, strengthen the linkage between the assessment results and salary distribution, and highlight the assessment weight of the completion of the monthly plan

in 2015, the company will conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the group company, concentrate all available forces, mobilize all available resources, do its best, work hard with the greatest confidence, overcome difficulties, fully achieve the 2015 business goals, and win the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

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