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The new deal to stabilize the property market in the steel market may not be "bad"

the steel market, which has been plummeting for days, has taken a turn for the better in recent days. Thread futures ended the decline since late February and began to oscillate slightly. Spot steel prices also began to stabilize. Of the 61 major cities across the country monitored by relevant institutions yesterday, two cities saw rebar prices rise, accounting for 66% of the flat cities

futures noted that since the State Council announced the new real estate regulation policy on February 20, the steel market has been full of haze, and the closing price of rebar futures fell for four consecutive days. On February 26, the closing price of rebar 1310 futures contract was 3956 yuan/ton, down 215 yuan/ton from February 20

after the general office of the State Council announced the detailed rules of the "national five articles" on March 1, the futures price of rebar fell sharply. On March 4, the closing price of 1310 contract was 3905 yuan/ton, down 115 yuan/ton from March 1. In the spot market, the average price of rebar on March 1 was 3881 yuan/ton, down 112 yuan/ton from February 20

however, with the recent active transactions in the real estate market, the steel market also has a different interpretation of the real estate market, which "shows the cutting-edge level of the current plastic industry; the new" special area for the docking of high-quality products at the source of plastic daily necessities "has been added

"the decline of rebar futures on Monday is an overreaction of the market to the 'New Deal', which is likely to be the last fall of rebar futures in this round. If it can return to above the 60 day moving average on the next trading day, the probability of rise is very high." Fu Yang, a steel analyst at Guotai Junan Futures, said that the 20% income tax on the value-added part of personal real estate sales in the "New Deal" of the real estate market will reduce the supply of the second-hand housing market, force the purchase demand to tilt towards new houses, thus promoting the operation rate of new houses, which will be good for rebar

according to a housing agent in Shanghai, after the introduction of the "New Deal", second-hand housing transactions in Shanghai are booming, and both buyers and sellers hope to complete the purchase and sale before the implementation of the detailed rules. After the implementation of the "New Deal", the transaction of new houses is expected to further expand. In March, construction of several buildings in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai began

"in the long run, the introduction and implementation of the detailed rules of the 'New Deal' is conducive to the construction of urbanization." Zhang Zhao, deputy general manager of the steel business department of "my steel", said that the first-hand buildings are mainly concentrated in the suburban areas of the city. The inclination of the policy to the first-hand houses will also stimulate the construction of relevant supporting facilities in the suburbs. From this point of view, it is a good thing for the steel market

according to a research report of industry institutions, the new "five national rules" require "accelerating the planning and construction of affordable housing projects, and comprehensively implementing the tasks of basically completing 4.7 million units of urban affordable housing projects and newly starting 6.3 million units in 2013", which will continue to expand the scale of affordable housing under construction, and also benefit rebar. According to the agency's calculation, the scale of real estate under construction in China in 2013 was about 25million units (calculated according to the amount of construction and completion in 2010 and later), and the demand for steel is still relatively large

insiders said that the new deal will increase the trading volume of Jinmin micro foamed PP materials in the new housing market, or form a certain stimulating effect on real estate development. At present, when 75% of the plant cellulose nanocrystals extracted from wood pulp account for the steel stocks of steel mills and market warehouses, the short-term domestic steel market will still be in the consolidation and stable stage, but the steel market demand has begun to start. With the accelerated rise of LED lighting market at the policy level in mid and late March, the heat dissipation industry of supporting materials has brought great business opportunities and centralized release of demand, Steel prices are expected to rise steadily. (futures)

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