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Shanghai Bell began to harvest the 100g national trunk line project in an all-round way

2013 was recognized by the industry as the first year of 100g business in China. In the face of the rapid growth of network traffic in backbone transmission, from Q3 in 2013 to now, the three major domestic operators have launched five centralized purchases of national trunk lines. As the first manufacturer to introduce 100g technology into China, Shanghai Bell participated in the centralized procurement of all these national trunk lines and became the only manufacturer to comprehensively harvest the 100g national trunk project of the operator

in November 2013, Shanghai Bell won the acceptance of several important national trunk lines of China Unicom, and won the bid for 40g/100g centralized procurement in the province. In these projects, Shanghai Bell's solution not only fully meets the requirement of smoothly upgrading the 40g network to 100g, but also realizes that 40g and 100g signals can be deployed in adjacent channels on the same platform without setting a protective wave band due to its natural advantages in coherent optical technology, Greatly improve the efficiency and flexibility of network spectrum. In December of the same year, Chinatelecom won the bid to run through the national trunk line of all economically developed provinces along the southeast coast. With the advanced group concept of optical layer scheduling + electric layer scheduling, Shanghai Bell has successfully simplified the network structure and business scheduling, greatly reducing the power consumption demand and avoiding the heat dissipation problem. Due to the leading soft decision technology, the error correction tolerance index has obvious advantages. By adopting the automatic optical power adjustment function, it adapts to the actual situation of optical fiber aging and route relocation. Shanghai Bell tube also provides real-time monitoring function, graphical display and automatic optimization function of single channel optical power, which not only greatly reduces the workload of maintenance, but also facilitates the deployment of system wave spreading and ROADM equipment

in January 2014, Shanghai Bell won a red start and won the bid of China Mobile national trunk line, covering the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Industrial Zone and the old industrial base. Relying on Alcatel Lucent's leading edge in 100g technology and business in the world, Shanghai Bell has performed well in the laboratory and the current centralized purchase test. It is the first manufacturer to complete the equipment commissioning in the shortest time, which strengthens users' confidence in using our products. In April, relying on the excellent equipment performance ability, smooth upgrading ability and strong technical service ability on the national trunk line of China Unicom in the early stage, through comprehensive evaluation in all aspects, the company successfully won the bid for trunk line projects such as GB2423 - the national standard of the people's Republic of China "environmental experiment method guide for electrical and electronic products" of China Unicom, which further covers the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Industrial base, Across the two municipalities directly under the central government and the portal of northeast province; In July, due to the obvious advantages of excellent equipment performance, strong long-distance transmission capacity and successful completion of line relay optimization, China Unicom won the bid again for the national trunk line of China Unicom. The project starts from Beijing and covers the two most important IDC bases in China for big data interconnection. Shanghai Bell used a programmable ultra-high speed optical transmission board on the winning national trunk line, which can instantly upgrade the line side speed from 100g to 200g/400g through software configuration, which makes the subsequent upgrading of the national trunk line in a zero contact manner a reality

from the world's first optical communication laser to the world's first wavelength division device, and then from the world's first 100g coherent optical transmission technology to the world's first 400g commercial transmission chip, the long-term smooth evolution of displacement can be achieved without replacing the platform to network expansion without replacing the board. The ultra-high speed optical transmission solution provided by Shanghai Bell has always been at the forefront of optical communication, It leads the development direction of optical communication

as the core product platform of the solution, 1830 PSS platform has focused on the long-term development of ultra-high speed optical communication from the beginning. Its characteristics of smooth evolution of rates above 10g~1t, flexible and efficient OTN optical/electrical crossover technology, future oriented group concept The super optical layer OAM capability provides users with a solid technical foundation for creating an optical transmission network with the ability of continuous sheet metal development, which is pointed out in the report. It not only fully protects users' existing investment, but also allows users to be more calm in the face of future rapidly changing business needs. Shanghai Bell's 100g solution based on 1830 PSS platform has been widely used in the world. At present, the number of deployed 100g networks has exceeded 180

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