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Shanghai chlor alkali and Dongcao plan to rebuild PVC plants in China

Shanghai chlor alkali and Dongcao plan to rebuild PVC plants in China

July 20, 2001

Shanghai chlor alkali chemical company (SCAC) is conducting preliminary consultations with Dongcao company on the construction of joint venture PVC plants in China. The topic of discussion is whether Dongcao plans to occupy a part of the shares in the 300000 ton/year PVC project in Caojing, Shanghai, or to build another PVC plant. At present, both sides are eager to establish a joint venture

SCAC has previously cooperated with Asahi Glass in the Caojing project, including a 250000 ton/year VCM unit to be started in 2003 -

2004. However, last year, the initial capacity of the PVC plant was only 70000 tons/year because the low price of Asahi saltpetre was considered infeasible, but the production will be gradually expanded in the future. The VCM required by the proposed plant will first adopt the products of Dongcao company, and then the joint venture will build VCM plant, dichloroethane plant and chlor alkali plant

scac has a 300000 t/a PVC plant in Shanghai, and will expand its capacity by 70000 T/A in two years

in recent years, therefore, the vinyl and chlor alkali markets in Japan have been saturated. Dongcao wants to develop abroad. Recently, it has been in M of the Philippines and the wiring is accurate; Among abuhay vinyl companies, its shares have increased to 50%, accounting for 60% of the shares of polymer companies in Indonesia, where the settlement rate of universal insurance in January 2014 announced by some large insurance companies is only 4%yo

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