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Shanghai Bell OmniSwitch data center switch helps Unicom build a private cloud. Ctiforum on September 19 (Fanyi): Recently, Shanghai Bell Enterprise Communication Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with China Unicom to provide it with data center solutions. After several comparisons, OmniSwitch 10K data center switches have won out significantly, and Shanghai Bell has become the main supplier of China Unicom data center. Shanghai Bell's data center solution will support China Unicom to build a private cloud, accelerate the construction of a good environment for the development of information centralized construction industry, and adapt to the business development of operators in the era of Internet multimedia applications

at present, it technology architecture faces great challenges in dealing with high concurrent user access, complex business process collaboration, massive data processing and sharing, system disaster recovery construction, etc. In order to continuously improve the informatization support ability, we must innovate and adopt advanced IT technologies such as cloud computing to optimize the informatization technology architecture. At the same time, new applications, server virtualization, sustainability, mobility, security and other pressures on the data center have increased significantly. The data center needs to deliver high-quality user experience, especially real-time applications such as video, collaboration and video surveillance. At the same time, the network must also support a large number of smart, tablet computers and other mobile devices throughout the enterprise. As one of the largest operators in China, China Unicom has put forward the vision of being an innovative service leader in information life. At the same time, in order to adapt to the business development mode in the Internet era, it plans to carry out the centralized construction of information system, mainly including the material composition of components and the innovation of IT technology architecture. China Unicom plans to build a platform + application cloud computing system. All applications will be built on a cloud computing platform with high performance, high expansion, high security and easy management. The platform will realize shared cloud services and provide services for all information applications. OmniSwitch 10K switch has become an ideal choice for China Unicom

the Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch 10K switch, which won the American interop award in 2011, is a new generation of modular chassis data center switch with high capacity and high performance. The Alcatel lucent operating system (a member OS of the "national new material industry development leading group") it uses is an advanced operating system that has been fully tested in enterprises, operators, data centers and other application fields. OmniSwitch 10K switch provides uninterrupted layer-2 and layer-3 network forwarding and software upgrade services to realize the continuous normal operation of the network. Its deep packet cache, loss free virtual output queue (VOQ) exchange matrix and powerful traffic management capabilities can significantly improve application performance and user experience. In addition, the switch has excellent scalability, which can fully meet the current and future bandwidth requirements of users who press the "Cancel" button again

Alcatel Lucent's data center solution is committed to building a smooth application data center network for users. Both enterprise users and operators can gain the flexibility to migrate from the expensive client server computing environment. Users can span a variety of data center deployment modes, including multi site private cloud, private virtual data center and hybrid cloud of integrated service providers, and begin to benefit from the smooth application data mode and application-as-a-service management mode. Shi Xiaoming, managing director of Shanghai Bell Enterprise Communication Co., Ltd., said: Shanghai Bell has a good foundation for long-term cooperation with the majority of operators. After deploying our data center switch in the data center of Chinatelecom, we won the data center project of China Unicom. We will fully support operators to build private clouds and promote the development of core businesses while innovating and building it architectures

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