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Shanghai bodena ordered Kodak Dingsheng S5 series overprint system

Beijing, China. On June 4, 2012, after evaluating the solution that digital printing of multiple suppliers should timely clear the debris left in the jaws, Shanghai bodena Printing Co., Ltd. finally chose Kodak Dingsheng S5 series overprint system. Shanghai Bodner printing is a leading bill printing enterprise in China. It has formed a complete service system in the field of express delivery details and various bill printing, and has installed a series of Kodak Wanyin printing systems. Recently, in order to strengthen the bill printing business, the company ordered 5 additional sets of Dingsheng S5 series overprint systems and 10 spare printing heads

Shanghai Bodner Printing Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is one of the member units of China Commercial Paper Association. In recent years, the express bill and bill market has developed rapidly. In order to further meet the market demand, the company has specially introduced advanced printing equipment and used the S5 overprint system on the large cylinder wide commercial form rotary printing machine of Shanghai Sun machinery

over the past eight years, we have continuously strengthened our investment in digital printing. Huangliangcui, general manager of Shanghai Bodner Printing Co., Ltd., said that from the Wanyin printing equipment, we have witnessed Kodak's consistent high quality. In addition, the Kodak service team has responded quickly over the years, which can help us solve problems quickly. Therefore, this investment in the heyday S5 series overprint system is an inevitable choice

the rated speed of Kodak Dingsheng S5 overprint system is as high as 500 feet/minute (152 meters/minute), but the overall investment of the equipment is not high, which reduces the threshold for users to enter the scientific utilization of mixed resources. S5 overprint system's high-quality graphic printing quality and darker black printing effect make online printing materials more applicable to the field of bill printing such as express delivery details. In addition, the system provides excellent and durable pigment ink, which is suitable for a large number of commercial substrates, and can be scratch resistant, fade resistant and waterproof. Pigment ink can also achieve rich and deep black printing effect on standard coated coated paper

Kodak Dingsheng S5 series overprint system, which can realize on-site upgrading, which will enable users to further improve production capacity after business development. Kodak continuous inkjet technology reduces the threshold of entering hybrid printing, and is highly flexible. It can develop with the user's business, improve production capacity, and has a lower total operating cost than web laser printing. Li Qiang, President of Kodak graphic imaging group in Greater China, said that Kodak Dingsheng s series overprint system allows digital printing without any discount, helping printing service providers such as Bodner to develop bill printing business, enter the express list market, and find new profit growth points

Huang liangcui concluded: we take technology as the core, regard quality as our life, provide customers with high-quality products and efficient services, and meet customers' multi-level needs. The joining of Kodak Dingsheng s series overprint system will help us achieve this goal

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about Bodner printing

Shanghai Bodner Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 60million yuan. It is mainly engaged in various bill printing businesses. It is one of the member units of China Commercial Paper Association. The company is located at No. 599 Xingxian Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, covering an area of 6800 square meters. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. The company adheres to people-oriented, pays attention to environmental protection and social welfare, takes the route of sustainable development, and strives to be an excellent corporate citizen

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