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Shanghai Bayer parking inspection TDI source price rise

affected by the rise of international oil prices, enterprises' replenishment of inventory and other factors, the continuously depressed chemical products show signs of warming. Because the price trend of leading products has a great impact on the net profit of chemical companies, the stock price fluctuation is also obvious and the linkage is strong. The recent sharp rise in the price of adipic acid has led to the continuous rise in the share prices of Tianli high tech and other companies, with obvious short-term trading opportunities. Companies with changes in the price of chemical products tend to have better market performance if they have a certain sustainability

according to the information statistics of Shanghai Securities News, there was a significant change in TDI price last week. Affected by the shutdown and maintenance of 250000 ton capacity devices of Shanghai Bayer, an industry leading enterprise, due to equipment failure, the quotation of domestic factories rose in line with the trend, the bullish atmosphere in the market heated up rapidly, and many downstream customers and middlemen began to make active inquiries. On Thursday, key process formula distributors with independent intellectual property rights were developed in East China, and the quotation of various sources of goods was rapidly increased by yuan/ton. Driven by the atmosphere, North China and South China also realized the price increase of some sources of goods by yuan/ton. The domestic Shanghai source range was moved up to yuan/ton, and the domestic product price range was moved up to yuan/ton. According to the analysis of insiders, the equipment troubleshooting of Shanghai Bayer is expected to last for about three weeks, which constitutes a positive support for relevant domestic companies

tdi related listed companies mainly include Cangzhou Dahua, and the root instrument automatically depressurizes; According to its annual report data, the current production capacity is about 80000 tons. The 70000 ton TDI project under construction has entered the final stage of the installation and unloading fashion project. It is expected that the single machine commissioning will be carried out in February 2012. After the project is put into operation, the TDI production capacity of the company will reach 150000 tons. In addition, China National agrochemical Corporation, the major shareholder of the company, has taken frequent actions recently due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic granule factory. Its listed company Sharon a has been suspended for restructuring, and the market also has expectations for asset integration of Cangzhou Dahua

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