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Shanghai Tobacco printing company held a seminar on new ink technical standards

recently, Shanghai tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. closely followed the working idea of technological innovation and held a seminar on new ink technical standards around the topics of establishing new ink technical standards, improving ink processing and production processes, as well as new ink inspection and testing methods, so as to further explore the development space of the new year. Professional technicians from all departments of the company and 11 excellent ink suppliers at home and abroad attended the meeting

this meeting is divided into three parts. The first is to negotiate and discuss the detection forms of fineness deviation, viscosity deviation and coloring power of on-line gravure printing, flat gravure printing and offset printing inks, and comprehensively analyze the core issues of vehicle enterprises' concern for lightweight in combination with the newly established ink technology of the company. Technical standards and relevant suppliers have reached a consensus on technical parameters of cement test mold: number, detection method, production process, etc. The second is to put forward the demand for suppliers to understand the technical capacity of new materials. In the next stage, suppliers will regularly provide relevant information and resources of advanced technologies at home and abroad and new environmental protection and low migration inks. Cigarette printing companies will trial produce and introduce new materials and processes according to the actual production needs. The third is to conduct in-depth exchanges on the perennial ink technical problems, and provide technical support for improving product quality by using the supplier's years of technical research and mature process skills

this meeting is rich in content and profound in purpose, which not only strengthens the information exchange and exchange between the company and suppliers, but also provides a new channel for improving the company's process technology level and carrying out in-depth research on product quality and safety

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