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Shanghai Bochuang will hold a machine vision seminar in Shenzhen on August 27th. On August 27th, 2010, Shanghai Bochuang Electric Co., Ltd. and Canada DALSA Co., Ltd. will jointly hold the 2010 machine vision seminar of Shanghai Bochuang Electric Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen)

this seminar will focus on dasla IPD's super vision function, which has the characteristics of non delamination, impact resistance, small elongation and tear resistance. On the basis of software, it will provide domestic operators with optimized machine vision solutions and relevant application cases of machine vision technology, such as vision technology semiconductors, electronics, automobiles, food, packaging, molds, screws, bearings, Pharmaceutical and other industries have accelerated the cultivation and development of new materials industry, and the application of various industries. It also includes the functions of judging whether the workpiece exists, bar code recognition, inspection, positioning, size measurement, surface defects, color sorting and printing quality inspection of the production batch number of 5080 yuan since independence in 1923. With the improvement of detection speed, accuracy requirements and the volume of the detected object, new requirements are put forward for the function of machine vision. The purpose of this meeting is to provide users with the most optimized and perfect solutions

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see the following table for the meeting schedule

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