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2017 voice report: there are five trends in the field of AI assistants

according to the newly released 2017 voice report, five predictions for Alexa, Cortana and other artificial intelligence (AI) assistants are given

2017 voice report aims to look forward to the voice assistant competition among Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Amazon and other companies. It is also a survey covering Google assistan and Alexa users to explore why Alexa skills created by some startups are more successful

the report is from voicelabs, a voice analysis startup company, which is the partner selected by Google to build the Google assistant action platform actions on Google

voicelabs is committed to working with developers to build Google assistant action and Alexa skills. The company was co founded by Alexandre Linares and Adam marchick last year, shortly after marchick left his post as CEO of Kahuna, a mobile marketing company he co founded in 2012. In the interview, markick revealed to VentureBeat that the number of AI assistants (such as Amazon echo and Google home) covered by voicelabs customers exceeded 1million

here are the five most interesting predictions about AI assistants in 2017 voice report:

1 The next nine months will be crucial to the economic ecosystem surrounding intelligent assistants.

many consumers have not decided which intelligent assistant to buy, but they have determined that they have no intention of buying multiple AI assistant devices. In the survey of Amazon echo and Google home devices in december2016, AI found that only 11% of consumers were willing to purchase Google home after purchasing Amazon echo, and vice versa

this means that in the next nine months, AI assistants will be a winner take all home market. In other words, no matter what the first AI assistant device you buy for your family, you are likely to just press the button once to remain loyal to that platform, and you are likely to continue to buy more devices on this platform. In the interview, markick told VentureBeat that you may buy four more echo dot to match echo, so it will be very important for equipment manufacturers to launch their products to the market in time in the next nine months

this has also sounded an alarm for apple, Microsoft, Samsung and other companies: they must join the party as soon as possible and launch relevant products as soon as possible. He said

2. Push notifications and social connections will become killer functions of intelligent assistants

currently, there is no killer application among more than 8000 Alexa skills and nearly 75 Google Assistant dialog actions

currently, spotify and Amazon music are the closest to becoming killer apps like Pok mon go. Markick pointed out

voicelabs found that about 45% of respondents mainly use their smart speakers to play music or book audio. This is consistent with the results of other studies

markick pointed out that to create a killer chat robot, developers need to be able to send push notifications and connect users' personal social networks. He predicts that these two functions may appear in 2017. The promotion of targeted activities based on the activities of friends in the social circle may help to improve the popularity of AI assistant skills

for example, smart speakers can tell you that you have 15 friends talking about this app. Do you want to join them? Or, you have 20 friends who just downloaded Pok mon go. Don't you want to be left behind? Said malkiek

it is expected that the intelligent assistant will actively push threeorfour high-value notifications according to the social circle activities every day, instead of sending out endless push notifications

however, markick estimated that the push notification of voice control devices would be very similar to that on mobile devices, at least at the beginning

he said that, first of all, such devices will have the push notification function, but this function is likely to be abused. After that, it will be limited, and developers realize that they can provide this function in a more intelligent way

<102million chip environmental protection bags p>3 The sales volume of devices will increase by three times

voicelabs estimates that the sales volume of intelligent voice control devices will reach 6.5 million in 2015 and 2016, and 24.5 million in 2017. The cumulative sales volume since 2014 will reach 33million. Voicelabs obtained this data through the sales volume estimation of research partners (CIRP) and the receipt results tracked by infoscout and KPCB Research Institute behind the sharp decline of consumer intelligence r product orders and the pressure of cost reduction

we obtained the growth curve of equipment sales in 2016, and then we used the growth curve to estimate the sales in 2017. In our report, we obtained the figure of 24.5 million. Said malkiek

at least from the perspective of Amazon, such devices will not achieve high sales until the end of the year. Amazon's quarterly results released last Thursday showed that Alexa device sales were the highest during the holiday shopping season. This shows that this period is the best sales period of the equipment in a year

4. Intelligent assistant adopts double lead screw and 4-pillar hand. Manufacturers will strive to create more eye-catching functions.

intelligent assistants have done a very good job in basic functions: they can push text messages, and they support the control of various IOT devices, such as turning on electric lights, uncovering curtains, turning on coffee machines, and so on. But what is more important is that these voice assistants are still in a fierce battle, making more excellent advanced functions and capturing the favor of a large number of consumers. What does that mean? It means building the best services to connect devices such as Amazon fire TV, Apple TV and chromecast

it also means adding an attractive new feature

direct person to person communication has not yet appeared in these devices. You know, once you can talk to your family directly through such devices, they will be connected to each other in an instant. This experience is so seamless and pleasant. Said malkiek

5. At the end of the year, the market will usher in two more smart speakers

alexa and Google home from technology giants, which have been known by many people. We also know that apple is considering launching a product to compete with them. Cortana will appear in many devices soon

voicelabs believes that by the end of 2017, two new popular devices with built-in intelligent assistants will enter the market and compete head-on with Amazon echo and Google home. They are likely to come from Samsung, apple or Microsoft

whether or not there will be a real competition for hegemony, it is certain that intelligent assistants from Microsoft and other companies are on their way. The Microsoft Cortana skills toolkit is scheduled to be launched in early 2017. It is also reported that after acquiring the virtual assistant startup VIV, Samsung plans to launch a new generation of flagship smart Galaxy S8 built-in smart assistant Bixby on March 29

cortana, Google assistant, Alexa and Siri will all appear on more cars and electrical devices. Therefore, even if the smart speaker Market with built-in smart assistant does not compete for hegemony, you can certainly see the presence of these smart assistants on many devices other than smart speakers

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