The hottest 2017 Dakar Rally is coming. Iveco team

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The 2017 Dakar rally will be held soon. Iveco team will go to South America to compete.

2017 Dakar rally will be held soon. Iveco team will go to South America to compete.

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petronas de rooy Iveco team will bring three trucks to participate in the 2017 Dakar Rally: one Iveco powerstar 4 × 4 and two Iveco Trakker 4 × 4 trucks

gerard de rooy will partner with the navigator MOI torralardona to drive the first Iveco powerstar and lead the team to create brilliance again. After winning the 5th place in the 2016 Dakar Rally, ton van genugten and the navigator Anton van limpt will drive the second car Iveco Trakker to compete fiercely with their opponents again, while the support car will be driven by wuf van Ginkel and Bert van donkelaar

Turin, on November 28, 2016, Petronas de rooy Iveco team was ready to go

Iveco will be the official sponsor of Petronas de rooy Iveco team for the seventh consecutive year, providing the team with high-quality vehicles, engines and spare parts, and continuously promoting this cooperative relationship that has achieved many major successes in recent years

one Iveco powerstar 4 × 4 and two Iveco Trakker 4 × 4 trucks will cope with continuous extreme terrain in the off-road vehicle endurance race in 2017. These three trucks are equipped with the cursor 13 engine with a power of up to 900 HP, which is specially built for this event by the FPT industrial of Case New Holland industrial group. Petronas de rooy Iveco's fleet also includes another seven vehicles – six trakkers and one daily, providing comprehensive support and assistance to the fleet

petronas de rooy Iveco racing pictures

2017 Dakar rally will be a well prepared, highly competitive and challenging race - the 39th race of the world's most famous rally will be staged in South America again. The competition will start from Asuncion, Paraguay, on January 2, winding through Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, with a total journey of more than 9000 kilometers, and will end in Buenos Aires on January 14

on November 24 and 25, the vehicles of all European teams were loaded at the port of Le Havre, France, and it took about one month to cross the Atlantic to reach the competition site

Pierre lahute, President of IVECO brand, said: "We hope that through the efforts of this year's racers, the team can create brilliance again. In last year's Dakar Rally, the five major salacona were carefully and elegantly sub polished by many women's clothing brands, and the truck brands occupied the top 10, while Iveco stood out from the crowd and won the championship. For Iveco, it is certain that we will continue to fully demonstrate the excellent reliability of IVECO trucks on the circuit of Dakar Rally Sex, so that drivers can give full play to their potential in the race. "

petronas de rooy Iveco team is ready to go

following the impressive achievements in 2016, Petronas de rooy Iveco team is in high spirits after rest. Two drivers, Gerard de rooy and ton van genugten, will be ready to meet new challenges with the strong support of wuf van Ginkel

gerard de rooy will drive Iveco powerstar models with long head cab. As a professional racing driver, he has shown extraordinary personal skills in many competitions in the past, and won the championship in Dakar Rally in 2012 and 2016 respectively, which is still talked about by people today. His co pilot is Spanish MOI torrallardona. As an experienced navigator, he has cooperated with many famous drivers in this race. The two men joined hands for the first time in the Moroccan rally held in 2015. Maintenance technician Derek Rodewald will also be on powerstar to provide technical support throughout the event

the second vehicle is Iveco Trakker with a short cab, which is driven by professional truck racing driver ton van genugten. He shoulders the great mission of leading the Trakker team to success. Van genugten drove Iveco Trakker for the first time last year. As a result, he became famous in the first World War and ranked fifth in the total score. Now, he hopes to achieve results comparable to that of his teammate and captain de rooy in 2017. Anton van limpt is his co pilot and has been his navigator since last year's Dakar Rally. Bernard der kinderen is the maintenance technician of the de rooy team. He has served the team for a long time. This time, he will go to Trakker to support the van genugten team

the other Trakker will be driven by wuf van Ginkel, which will be his first time to use Iveco to compete. His task is to provide "quick assistance", mainly to transport key spare parts during the competition. Erik Kofman will be his navigator and Bert van donkelaar will be their maintenance technician

petronas de rooy Iveco team took pictures in the race

as one of the brands of Case New Holland industrial group, FPT industrial designs and manufactures road and off-road engines, generators, axles and gearboxes. FPT industrial and Sparco will be both technical sponsors of the fleet

petronas lubricants (Petronas) is one of IVECO's long-term partners and will continue to support its old friends in the 2017 Dakar Rally. As the title sponsor, Petronas lubricants will provide lubricants and working fluids for competition and service vehicles, and serve as the chief technical partner of Petronas de rooy Iveco team. Sponsors also include OK trucks – Iveco certified used car brands

gerard de rooy is ready for the challenge, He said: "It will be very competitive to test the strength to determine whether the product has reached the strength level. However, the team is ready to meet the challenge. We have prepared very carefully, and our cars have proved their reliability with strength. They can cope with the most severe road conditions in Dakar Rally. Everyone in the team is very experienced and can't wait to verify me again in the race Our skills and racing: just like our partner Iveco, it is our innate instinct to constantly explore endless possibilities. "

Federico Villagra, a racing driver nicknamed "El Coyote", has achieved amazing results in the 2016 race. He will drive Iveco powerstar again to lead a team of Argentina, with the goal of ranking first

participating models

Iveco Trakker is a model that can play an extraordinary role in the worst off-road operations. The total weight of Trakker series ranges from 18 tons to 72 tons. It is a perfect combination of durability and reliability. It can be equipped with a new Stralis active day short cab and an active time long cab to provide excellent comfort. Trakker series can be provided with left-hand drive or right-hand drive models. With Iveco cursor 13 engine and two cabs, it provides a wide range of customized models for various specific operations. Trakker chassis provides 4 × 2、4 × 4、6 × 4、6 × 6 or 8 × 8 drive type, engine power from 310 HP to 500 HP. Trakker tractor provides 4 × 2、4 × 4、6 × 4 and 6 × 6 drive type, engine power from 360 HP to 500 HP. Whether used in extreme off highway conditions or primarily for on highway operations, Trakker offers the best payload and fuel economy

on November 24, the price was relatively high. On November 25, Iveco vehicles, together with other European competitors' racing cars, aid vehicles, logistics service vehicles and vehicles, were shipped at Le Havre port in northern France. Since 2009, the vehicle loading process in this second largest port in France has become an important celebration ceremony, and to some extent represents the first stage of the event. In addition, the event also provides a unique opportunity to observe vehicles. The environment changes rapidly, presenting a significant South American atmosphere! It takes about a month to cross the Atlantic Ocean

all are in the official Dakar Rally zone of Iveco

Iveco will track and report from South America every day in the official zone to provide the latest racing conditions for car fans. The official zone will track and tell the journey of the most difficult and demanding cross-country race in the world in English and Spanish, update the race results and various data of Petronas de rooy Iveco every day, and drive the precision lead screw pair with multimedia content directly from the race for experiments. Similarly, Iveco's social media account will update the events, reports, videos and pictures every day


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