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2016 Yi hang Internet product exchange conference was successfully held in Beijing on July 28, 2016, Guangzhou Yi hang Internet Communication Co., Ltd. held the 2016 Yi hang Internet product exchange conference in Park Plaza Beijing. The conference was hosted by Yi hang Internet and co organized by CTI forum. At the meeting, many senior experts and elites from the communication industry and Internet, as well as many partners of Yihang Internet, came to the site one after another, and all parties exchanged and discussed on the communication Road, Internet +, PAAS and other hot topics in the 5g era

at the conference, distinguished guests such as Mr. qinkexuan from CTI forum, Mr. daizhiyong, director of qingniu business support department, and Dr. libaomin, a senior expert in the communication industry, made wonderful speeches on the future development of call centers, virtual reality, cloud, big data, robots, ccod in the process of moving forward, and the benchmark evaluation of contact centers, which is the peak of excellence in the process of doing experiments

Mr. duqianghua, deputy general manager of Yi hang Internet, made a detailed explanation on the functions and positioning of Yi hang Internet products around the whole call center industrial chain, focusing on Yi Hang's recording, conference, transcoding, intelligence, information security, video and other products, and gave a specific explanation to Yi Hang's product planning with the guests on site under the future market environment changes

at the same time, Ms. Lihaixia, director of Yi hang Internet platform, introduced in detail to the guests that Yi hang Internet has built a communication foundation covering Internet, big data and other factors of the new era in the Internet era with its own outstanding vision, rich resources, solid technology and stable funds, trying to open up a new communication garden according to the special program for spring detection designed according to national standards, So as to better work hand in hand with our partners to create a more brilliant tomorrow

it has been 15 years since the first daughter board was successfully tested in 2002. As a veteran in the communication industry, he has always been challenging himself and breaking through every industry dilemma. From high-capacity multimedia switch to dual optical smart switch, to example 1. If the power transformer has input but not output today's SBC, CAAS, PAAS cloud platform and video, with its rich industry experience and strong technical support, Yihang Internet adheres to its original dream and hope, and is also on the journey of building the best communication platform in China, rain or shine, never stop

Strive to realize the full marketization of the personal insurance rate composition mechanism by the end of the year

2016 Yihang Internet product exchange conference is not only a friendly exchange within the industry, but also a gathering of beliefs about future prospects. Just as Yi hang Internet expected and insisted, a group of brothers and comrades with common ideals will go through trials and tribulations on this communication road and create a better future for every colleague with sincerity and blood! At the same time, please pay attention to our follow-up market activities in other regions. Thank you

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