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The 2017 global construction machinery industry conference was held in Beijing on June 22, 2017, the Organizing Committee of the global construction machinery industry conference and the top 50 summit held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that on September, 2017, the 2017 global construction machinery production ◎ experimental equipment host: WDW electronic universal experimental machine industry high-precision ball screw driven by imported motor and the top 50 summit will be held in Beijing

the global construction machinery industry conference and the top 50 summit are co sponsored by China Construction Machinery Industry Association, American equipment manufacturers association and Korea construction machinery manufacturers association, and organized by China Construction Machinery magazine. So far, it has been held for four times. At the same time of the conference, 2017 China excavator high level forum, 2017 global loader summit, 2017 rope unting global crane summit and China top 100 hoisting conference, and 2017 global aerial work equipment summit and China top 100 leasing conference will also be held. At that time, senior executives from global and Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, parts suppliers, agents, lessors and construction enterprises will come to the conference

in recent years, although China's construction machinery market has declined for several consecutive years, the industry has accelerated the transformation and upgrading and actively responded to the challenges at the market and industrial levels. By steadily advancing reform, adjusting production capacity, fully implementing the made in China 2025 strategy, adhering to the development model of innovation driven, green development, energy conservation and emission reduction, and quality and efficiency, the core competitiveness of China's construction machinery industry has been accelerated, and overseas expansion has entered deep-water areas. All these have contributed to the sustained and healthy development of the industry and the full implementation of the equipment manufacturing power strategy

in terms of products and technologies, China's mainstream manufacturers are making comprehensive leaps and breakthroughs in the middle and high-end. They have launched a series of large-scale and high-end equipment that have reached the world's advanced level. They have not only achieved domestic import substitution, but also exported to overseas markets, and even achieved important breakthroughs in Europe and the United States. In the field of cranes, Chinese manufacturers have already taken the new gaskets attached to the experimental machine to install their products, matched the global leading level in technology, and even achieved comprehensive independent innovation in some products, leading the world standard. Thousand ton all terrain cranes, wind power and nuclear power special lifting equipment, etc., not only set new world records, but also opened a new segment application market, and raised the value space of the global crane industry

in terms of overseas expansion, Chinese enterprises are not only in the developing markets represented by the BRICs countries, but also in the forefront of the local market; In Europe and the United States, where products and technologies are heavily fortified, Chinese brands have also successfully achieved breakthroughs. With the double promotion of developing countries and developed regions, China's construction machinery products are fully participating in the world competition

over the past years, more and more global construction machinery manufacturers have been going deep into China; In particular, almost all mainstream brands have set up manufacturing bases or even R & D centers in China. In recent years, through continuous investment, acquisition, local cooperation and other means, foreign brands continue to expand the Chinese market in depth. In the core supply chain field, the world's leading brands continue to improve China's business system and develop Chinese type supporting products and solutions according to demand

since the second half of 2016, China's construction machinery industry has started a restorative growth. As demand continues to release, China will remain the largest and most important market in the world in the future; The improvement of the strength of Chinese enterprises will also promote the upgrading of China's construction machinery market and intensify global industrial competition

the benign competition and in-depth interaction between Chinese and foreign manufacturers will certainly promote the upgrading and transformation of China's construction machinery industry. Qijun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said

through this industry conference, Chinese and foreign enterprises will also carry out in-depth and forward-looking discussions on the future development trend of the global construction machinery industry, especially China's construction machinery industry, changes in the competition pattern, overseas expansion, competitiveness building and upgrading and other topics. As an indispensable participant in the global industry, China's construction machinery industry bears an important task and will fully release its positive influence. Taking this conference as a platform and opportunity, Chinese and foreign construction machinery manufacturers will take China as a stage to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Chinese and global industries. Suzimeng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said

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