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BMW Shanghai 2018 focuses on localization of construction machinery parts. Recently, BMW Germany (BMW) will face short-term shutdown due to shortage of steering parts. According to foreign media, the daily loss to BMW caused by the shutdown may be as high as 10 million euros. It's a pity

you must be wondering how the BMW factory can stop production? This time for real! According to foreign media reports, since the beginning of June, BMW's Leipzig plant in eastern Germany has announced a complete shutdown, and a parts supplier in Munich will also stop production. It is reported that the Shenyang Tiexi plant in China and the Roslin plant in South Africa will also be affected in the second half of the year at the earliest

although it is the shutdown loss caused by the insufficient supply of parts in the automotive industry, it is a loud alarm for the construction machinery enterprises that also need parts. Most of the core components of China's construction machinery host depend on foreign imports. Imagine this close dependence, which is vulnerable to suppliers' supply problems

at the end of 2016, jiaxiaowen, Secretary General of the accessories Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, pointed out at the annual meeting that the current situation of China's accessories industry:

low product quality and structural shortage

reliability and durability have always been equivalent to sk σ b. Also equivalent to σ s; For the metal that breaks after uniform plastic deformation, SK is equivalent to the true tensile strength sb; For the cracked metal after necking, SK actually mainly reflects that the resistance of the metal to shear fracture is the hard injury of China's construction machinery accessories, and the quality of parts and components directly affects the service life of the complete machine. The independent innovation ability of China's high-end parts and components of construction machinery is weak, and the test means are traditional. Most of them are still in the stage of imitation and replication of foreign similar products, and the reliability and durability of products are far behind those of foreign products. At the same time, there is a general bad atmosphere in the industry. Enterprises make profits through repeated investment and construction of low-end products. As a result, the homogeneity of middle and low-end parts and components is serious, there are still few high-end products with high technology added value, and the contradiction of product structural shortage is becoming increasingly prominent

core parts need to be broken through

core accessories of construction machinery mainly refer to high-end hydraulic components, transmission components, control systems and power systems. Compared with the foreign advanced level, the R & D cycle of key core components and systems for domestic construction machinery is 2 ~ 3 times that of foreign similar products, and the durability is 30% ~ 50% of that of foreign similar products. Compared with foreign countries, the supporting parts of construction machinery in China started relatively late. The manufacturing technology of key parts of construction machinery such as high-end high-pressure plunger hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, integral multi-channel valve components, power shift gearbox and drive axle has not been comprehensively broken through. At present, most of the key supporting parts of main machines are still purchased from abroad

the mechanical and electrical systems of the plane are not properly matched, and the phenomenon of big horse pulling small car is serious. Facing the current situation of this industry, how can the supporting parts enterprises develop

"Accessory enterprises urgently need to establish professional and fine internal production division through innovation in technology, business model, management method, service concept and means, provide products and services that others do not have, and tap the demand and market that others do not find; they urgently need to adhere to the independent innovation mode that combines original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, and build an enterprise oriented, production and learning 3. Right It is necessary to establish a collaborative innovation system combining experiment, research and application under high temperature; It is urgent to actively explore the market, establish its own brand influence, and gradually realize the transformation from "selling products" to "system integration suppliers"

bauma China 2018 (BMW Shanghai) will focus on the development of independent parts brands of China's construction machinery and discuss parts with you, but it provides very accurate information about product innovation and mode reform

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