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Can e-commerce in the automotive aftermarket usher in spring in 2017

Abstract: since 2016, a considerable number of post market platforms have been closed or merged in the cold winter of capital. Post market e-commerce platforms have focused more on the internal operation of enterprises, and the period of money burning subsidies has basically ended

with the sustained and rapid development of China's economy and society, the public has a strong demand for car purchasing rigidity, which corresponds to the continuous rise of the automotive aftermarket space. Recently, Analysys think tank released the 2017 annual comprehensive analysis of the e-commerce market in China's automotive aftermarket with the theme of "a long way to go and each shows its magic power"

it is predicted that as the growth rate of China's car ownership slows down and the market enters the "stock age", the scale growth rate of the aftermarket also begins to decline, which is consistent with the general environment of the new normal of the economy. However, this has not stopped the covetous eyes of major platform level companies. From Internet giants to industrial groups in the automotive industry, they bet big chips when the financing of start-ups behind cars was difficult and the bullets were running out last year. Their ambitions and ambitions put pressure on the original competitors

Ⅰ market environment: the policy continues to be favorable, and it still attracts much attention in the cold winter.

at the beginning of 2016, a number of favorable policies and regulations for automobiles were implemented, and the per capita disposable income of the national residents continued to grow. The post-80s and post-90s are known as the main consumers, and their buying habits have been formed. In 2016, after Chinese cars increased the friction between the working cylinder and the piston and when the guide wheel on the side of the workbench moves along the pillar, the penetration rate of e-commerce users in the market in each quarter exceeded 10%. All these indicate the broad prospects of the automotive aftermarket

according to the forecast, the scale of the automotive aftermarket will reach 935billion yuan in 2016 (excluding automotive finance), and it is expected that the scale of the automotive aftermarket will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan by 2019. Although the capital environment has entered the "ice age", the aftermarket is still a key industry for capital chasing, which also reflects the investment events and amount

in 2016, e-commerce in China's automotive aftermarket gradually recovered from the cold winter of capital. In terms of the distribution of financing fields, maintenance service o2o is still the focus of the capital market, accounting for 22.83% of investment events; In terms of amount distribution, financing above the scale of tens of millions of Yuan accounts for more than 60%. After the cold winter, whoever has a mature business model and profit model will have better survival opportunities in 2017

II development stage: today is cruel, tomorrow is cruel, and the day after tomorrow will be beautiful

this is the embodiment of Ma Yun's business philosophy - however, most people died in "tomorrow night". The increasingly severe competition situation in the automotive aftermarket is also closely related to the development stage of the industry

China's automotive aftermarket e-commerce includes many sub sectors, such as parts and supplies e-commerce, maintenance service e-commerce, automotive tools, automotive finance, and so on. The development stages of each sector vary. Among them, the auto parts e-commerce platform is the most mature, and the supply chain service platform is recognized by the capital market. Auto finance has attracted the attention of upstream and downstream enterprises due to its high profit margin, broad prospects and clear and rich business model. The application of auto tools continues to attract the attention of the market. The service content of various manufacturers tends to be the same, and the business model is still in the exploration period

it is gratifying that the field of maintenance service o2o+ is developing steadily and rapidly, but it is still in the market startup stage due to the long industrial chain layout. The market has experienced the first wave of reshuffle, and most platforms have begun to pay attention to fine operation, which has been further favored by the capital market

the automotive aftermarket began to experience a capital winter in the second half of 2015. In the second half of 2016, a number of enterprises engaged in o2o maintenance, such as tuhu car maintenance and e-maintenance, successively obtained a new round of financing at the level of 100 million yuan. Therefore, in 2017, the market recognition of maintenance service o2o track is expected to rebound. After years of development, the industry has explored a more mature business model and profit model

Ⅲ market competition: a must for quasi giants and powerful cross-border competitors

after several years of exploration and development, e-commerce in the automotive aftermarket has formed a relatively mature business model, and everyone hopes to take a share. Therefore, the automotive aftermarket has become a "must compete place" for businesses, and the participants of e-commerce in the aftermarket have become richer. With the active penetration of several platform level companies into the automotive aftermarket, the original competition has further intensified

in 2016, many cross industry enterprises entered the automotive aftermarket stage. In the latest automotive aftermarket industry map, professional "data service providers" and "logistics service providers" emerged, and many "ecological layout" giant companies penetrated. According to the analysis, in 2017, more subjects will participate in the automotive aftermarket, and the competition pattern will only become more intense

for example, financial institutions combine insurance with maintenance, car washing and beauty, UBI auto insurance and other services to set up e-commerce in the auto aftermarket; Travel platforms such as didi and Shenzhou provide a number of automobile life services for 5. Don't tamper with the car owners' groups when equipping various unit components; The OEMs/dealers group, on the other hand, has made great efforts to develop automotive after-sales service by virtue of its perfect offline network

Ⅳ industry trend: deep cultivation + integration of supply chain, surging wind of big data technology

changes in the competitive environment have forced companies to rack their brains to seek breakthroughs and innovations, and gradually formed an industry consensus

first, the distribution process is further shortened 6 Reasonable adjustment reduces the total processing cycle, and the supply chain service is deepened and refined. After vehicle e-commerce actively establishes direct supply with auto parts manufacturers to reduce circulation links, reduce product prices and ensure product quality. The supply chain service platform has been continuously improved in warehousing, logistics, supply chain management and control system, etc

secondly, the maintenance platform is transformed to o2o+. Offline service is the foothold of maintenance services. In 2016, e-commerce providers of maintenance services in the automotive aftermarket launched offline layout one after another. How to make good use of offline resources and consumption scenarios is a common topic of the whole industry

finally, technology development promotes the industrial upgrading of automotive aftermarket, in which technology plays an increasingly important role. The development of supply chain technology provides the basis for the optimization of supply chain in automotive aftermarket. The development of LBS, car service, big data and mobile payment technology provides a strong guarantee for the development of the post market, and has derived innovative products such as UBI auto insurance

according to the strength matrix research model, and based on the actual market performance and innovation ability of manufacturers, there is a strong momentum from pragmatic to traditional automobile manufacturers and emerging interconnected auto parts e-commerce

since 2016, a considerable number of post market platforms have been closed or merged in the cold winter of capital. Post market e-commerce platforms have focused more on the internal operation of enterprises, and the period of money burning subsidies has basically ended. Therefore, the enterprise has entered the stage of refined operation, and the post market e-commerce has started the stage of comprehensive strength competition

the penetration and integration of the new economy has created a huge imagination space for the future development of the automotive industry. The strong enterprises of "the leftovers are the king" will show stronger vitality with the support of the capital market. Regardless of the troublemakers and the competitive environment, the automotive aftermarket in 2017 is bound to be magnificent. It is expected that many giant companies will dance together with their strength to promote the overall progress of the automotive industry in the manufacturing of underbody components

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