Yunnan Dali Fugong signs a contract with Erica to

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Yunnan Investment Summit was successfully held

"customized changes, gathering potential to win the world". Erica wardrobe 2016 new year Investment Summit was solemnly concluded in "Spring City" - Kunming, Yunnan on January 7

looking back on the development process of the enterprise, Erica embraces the brand concept of "change because of you", adheres to the principle of optimal quality, and independently developed products have unique advantages such as novel style, personalized shape, changeable storage, excellent quality, etc., which have been unanimously recognized by consumers. With the further improvement of Erica's brand influence, in order to meet the needs of more consumers for Erica's customized products, business elites in different regions of the country chose Erica among many customized brands, which is the pride of the brand and all Erica people

in order to make the first Investment Summit in 2016 a complete success, Erica's team has begun to prepare for the success of the Investment Summit in December 2015, covering market research, telephone invitations, network promotion, etc., and has invited a well-known lecturer in the industry, Mr. Yue Zhen, to guide the meeting, check for omissions and fill vacancies. Finally, it signed a contract with Yunnan Dali and Fugong franchise stores in advance in mid December, opening the curtain for the success of the Investment Summit and the national investment in the New Year

be broad-minded and approximate, thick and thin. Five years of preparation, only for glory! Looking back on the past, Erica people have been cutting through difficulties in persistence; Looking forward to the future, Erica people are full of blood and ambition! We will, as always, work hard to unite our customers; The quality of supplies makes the overall wardrobe brand; Refine performance with sweat; Show excellence with great achievements; Create the future of all Erica people with efforts

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