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Comprehensively understand the decoration project

home decoration is a sparrow project. Although the so-called sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. Its process includes many links, such as scheme design, material selection, specific construction and post decoration services, and involves more than 10 types of work and more than 150 kinds of decoration materials, such as plumbers, electricians, masons, carpenters, painters, etc. At the same time, consumers' requirements for decoration quality are not low, which are fast, good and economical. The span of a home decoration project is generally twoorthree months. Consumers are often unable to pay attention to the whole process of the project in such a long time. In fact, consumers can avoid most of the problems as long as they have a comprehensive understanding of the decoration project in advance and know the problems that should be paid attention to before, during and after the decoration

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before decoration, the floor plan of the house to be decorated shall be reviewed as necessary

the requirements of family members should be known in advance, such as whether to re partition the house

the basic requirements for house decoration, such as how to separate the living room and dining room, and how to place kitchen cabinets, should be clear

find a suitable decoration company, conduct preliminary consultation and exchange, and initially form a conceptual decoration plan

go to the formal building materials market to learn about the price, brand, specification and other relevant information of materials

in the decoration, according to the information learned before the decoration, choose the appropriate way among the three entrusted ways of clear package, full package and half package, and then you can entrust the decoration company

first, carry out door-to-door measurement. The preliminary design scheme can be determined only after the decoration company sends personnel to inspect and measure the quality of the house. Consumers should put forward modification opinions on the scheme, and consumers should confirm and sign the final design scheme. According to the confirmed design scheme, the decoration company will issue the project budget, and consumers should review the budget, communicate with the decoration company, and finally confirm the budget and sign

after determining the design scheme and project budget, consumers can sign a contract with the decoration company accordingly. After signing the contract, the consumer should deliver the house key as agreed and prepare the down payment. The decoration company will carry out staffing, materials and tools preparation, and enter the site for construction according to the agreed commencement date. In particular, consumers should be reminded that designers, construction principals, salesmen, quality inspectors and materialmans of decoration companies should be required to be present on the commencement day and do a good job of disclosure face to face. The decoration contents that need to be adjusted or the items that need to be supplemented on the spot shall be confirmed in writing

check and accept the water, electricity, gas, floor, cabinet, bathroom, wood products, finishes and other items completed item by item. After the completion of all projects, the decoration company shall do a good job of cleaning and conduct completion acceptance. Do not neglect the handover of relevant certificates of equipment and electrical appliances during acceptance

don't rush to check in after decoration. First of all, check the air quality of the house. If there is obvious odor, air quality inspection should be carried out. Even if there is no odor, you should ventilate for a period of time before moving in

after check-in, water, electricity, gas and other equipment should be used on a trial basis. If you find any problems, you should contact the decoration company's after decoration service department in time. If you don't know how to use some electrical appliances and equipment, you should also contact the decoration company in time, and ask the construction personnel to come to the site for demonstration

if a quality problem is found and the decoration company fails to solve it in time, or the solution is ineffective, consumers should complain to the industry association or the relevant departments of the Consumer Protection Commission for help





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