On the advantages and disadvantages of decoration

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Every season has its advantages and disadvantages in decoration, so there is no absolute season for decoration. The most important thing is to see what season you are suitable for and what season is relatively suitable. I hope you can choose a season that is suitable for you


advantages of decoration in spring

1. The temperature and humidity in spring are very moderate. Wood products and gypsum products used in decoration are not easy to deform and crack after completion

2. After the rest of the holiday, the decoration company or construction team has broad ideas and vigorous energy

3. The climatic conditions in spring are conducive to controlling the moisture content of wood materials below 13

4. Some manufacturers have introduced new products with higher quality through this round of decoration, and launched new discounts. During this period, consumers can not only experience the new feeling brought by new products, but also save decoration costs

disadvantages of spring decoration

in spring decoration, we should first pay attention to the moderate moisture retention of materials. The climate in spring is relatively dry, which is conducive to moisture volatilization. The weather is warm, and windows can be opened for ventilation. The paint dries quickly. The construction period of painting three times can be shortened by threeorfour days compared with that in summer. This is good for construction. However, excessively dry materials will not stand the test of rain from July to August

when laying wooden floors, be sure to ask the installation workers to leave enough expansion joints, so that the floor will not be warped when summer comes




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