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Many owners complain to our Wuhan Decoration network that many decoration companies are always opportunistic and unscrupulous when signing decoration contracts. In fact, there are many such things in society now. We can't ask everyone to do things according to their conscience, but we can keep our eyes open. When signing decoration contracts with decoration companies, we must clearly understand the specific requirements of the decoration contract process, The following editor summarizes the problems that should be paid attention to when signing the decoration contract

first, there is no hurry to sign a decoration contract

If a decoration contract is signed, it will have legal effect. Therefore, there is no way to recover any problems found in the contract after signing the contract. Therefore, before signing the contract, we must clearly understand all aspects of the contract and calmly understand any problems in the contract signing

II. Verification of quotation

many decoration companies will do tricks on the quotation, because many people do not understand some of the decoration processes, which is very inferior to the owner, so we must understand the specific aspects of the quotation before signing the decoration contract

III. determination of individual area

many decoration companies will do something about the area. If the individual area is increased a little, there will be many misunderstandings in the estimation of the actual area, which is also an aspect of the decoration companies seeking benefits. Therefore, before decoration, each individual area should be actually measured

IV. determination of main and auxiliary materials for decoration

although it is clearly written in the contract and quotation that the materials used in the decoration have been determined, many decoration companies will confuse the fake with the real when the materials enter the site. If the owner steals the beam and changes the column without paying attention, the owner must pay attention to that the materials must be present in person when they enter the site

v. determination of the terms of written documents

when some decoration companies sign decoration contracts with consumers, these written documents are not complete, which brings hidden dangers to the future home decoration projects. Consumers should properly keep the above three documents and the bills of payment

VI. determination of decoration payment method

when signing the decoration contract, we must determine the payment method, whether it is installment payment or full payment. Of course, it must be installment payment, so we must determine how to pay, and make a clear distinction between payment after the project, etc

VII. Determine the number of supervision

general decoration companies will have supervision services. The existence of supervision is to avoid the opportunism of construction personnel and ensure the quality of decoration, which is also a problem that needs attention for owners

you must pay attention to the signing of decoration contracts. Now there are a lot of tricky decoration contracts. If you don't pay attention to them, you will be pursued by the decoration company for private interests. You don't know yet. If you find that your interests have been infringed, you must take legal measures in time to safeguard your rights and interests. (recommended reading: how to solve decoration contract disputes)

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