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Have you ever had such an experience? How to repair all kinds of brand main materials after completion? The budget given by the decoration company at first was obviously not high. How did you pay so much after the decoration? This is a typical example of selling dog meat by hanging sheep's head

decoration is hard work. We not only have to go back and forth to major decoration and building materials stores every day, but also need to fight with decoration companies from time to time. After the whole decoration, we will find that: those who find decoration companies have been added for no reason, those who find acquaintances have been stolen and reduced materials, and those who find guerrillas have absconded with money … This series of tragic stories tell us that the pit of decoration is impossible to prevent … How can we decorate well without being trapped? When choosing main materials, you must not just listen but not look; When making a budget, we must calculate all expenses clearly and carefully. The decoration partners polish their golden eyes. Go and have a look with me

before signing the contract, choosing a good decoration company will save you a lot of trouble in the later decoration. It is necessary to compare the prices, materials and construction schemes between different decoration companies, as well as the qualification and reputation of decoration companies

what you need to do when choosing a decoration company is to be calm and calm, consider your own situation, and don't be fooled by the decoration company

when signing the contract, the contact information of both parties must be filled in correctly and clearly. Once there is a problem in the project, we can also find someone in charge of the other company in time

agree on the payment time, and make payment after the decoration node passes the acceptance. Agree on the commencement date and handover date to avoid the decoration company delaying the construction period. Communicate the after-sales service in advance. Walk into the Golden Mantis (14.05 -1.06%, diagnosis shares) and see how they do it

# not strict # walk into the central warehouse

Golden Mantis · Direct spot purchase of home main and auxiliary materials products

modern warehouse operation system

remove middlemen

fixed-point professional inspection, and genuine products can be quickly and directly

for decoration, we need to have both beauty and strength

many people will think that a small warehouse should also make such a big move

Yes, let's go into the warehouse and see what happened in the warehouse

establish a central warehouse, Improve home decoration service experience

as an e-commerce brand under Golden Mantis &mdash& mdash; The Golden Mantis family has always adhered to “ Customer focus ” As the core values, constantly improve the consumer home decoration service experience. How to ensure the delivery speed and quality of main materials has become a test for the service upgrading of the Golden Mantis family. To this end, the Golden Mantis family has established a number of central warehouses nationwide and put them into use, radiating the surrounding stores to achieve rapid and accurate distribution

Golden Mantis · Home center warehouse, the whole warehouse is a high-level elevated warehouse, using the Golden Mantis · The SCM supply chain system independently developed by home has greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of warehousing operations. According to Golden Mantis · According to the on-site staff at home, high shelves are used to store products with low quality and regular packaging, such as bathroom cabinets, sanitary ware, gusset plates, bathroom hardware, etc; Ping reservoir area mainly stores products with heavy quality, large batch and super long shape, such as commonly used tiles, floors, doors and lines. For those bulky, fragile and extremely heavy main materials, Golden Mantis · Home has also applied product protection standards to reduce the damage rate of transportation through wooden frames, bandages and other forms

standardized process to ensure the timely distribution of main materials

in order to better serve consumers, Golden Mantis · Home independently developed a unique SCM system. Golden Mantis · Chen Xiaofeng, head of home supply chain, said that Golden Mantis · SCM system covers the whole process of order placing, factory production, logistics, warehousing, picking up, household installation and other services of the national warehouse distribution network, which greatly shortens the distribution path and allows consumers to receive goods faster and more accurately. In addition to warehousing, what is more important is the standard of product warehousing and delivery, which determines the efficiency and accuracy of the central warehouse

Golden Mantis · After the products are put into storage, they are classified and stored according to category, brand, model, color and batch number; The customized products, such as doors, cabinets and shower rooms, will be stored by brand and household, that is, the customized products of one household will be stored in one storage location. The product delivery follows the delivery principle of 13:00 and 15:00 time nodes, that is, the store submits the order of the next day to the supply chain before 13:00 of the previous day, and the supply chain transmits the order to the central warehouse through the SCM management system before 15:00. The central warehouse arranges picking according to the time node, and the picking will take a pick and review. In the whole process, the central warehouse will pick goods strictly according to the order, and disassemble products such as tiles, floors, gussets, hardware, etc, Carry out secondary packaging; After picking, we will arrange to review and cross check the goods, and store the goods in the designated location according to the store and consumer information; The next day, the pick-up driver took the valid certificate and the delivery authorization given by the store to the central warehouse for delivery, and the central warehouse was responsible for face-to-face inspection, counting, loading and handover with the delivery personnel. Through a series of standard operating procedures, improve the accuracy and efficiency of products, and serve every consumer

no strict selection, quality first

through the strict selection of product quality, the service upgrading of supply chain system and central warehouse, we will bring high-quality home decoration service experience to the majority of consumers. We also hope to continuously promote the healthy and orderly development of home decoration industry through our own innovation and upgrading

# not strict or selective # enter the factory and pay attention to quality “ Material ” Perfect

r & D visited the warehouse of brand suppliers, made corresponding investigations on the research and development, production and timeliness of late product delivery, and saw rows of neat shelves, efficient goods storage and large-scale product preparation in the warehouse; In this regard, everyone said that seeing is believing, facts speak louder than words, and team members are full of confidence in the product delivery of brand suppliers. For consumers to buy one-stop home decoration

Golden Mantis family advocates a better life, starting from home, Golden Mantis · Home will create better products and provide more considerate services for you

in the process of decoration, consumers should refuse to be greasy, refuse malicious additions, and comprehensively analyze the decoration contract! The contract will not be cheated if it is signed like this





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