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Precision electronics - meas sensor 2008 exhibition information

precision electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of meas sensor (measurementspecialtiesinc) in China, which freely drops steel balls of specified weight from the specified drop height to products with stable and reliable performance. It is a listed company in the United States (transaction code MEAs). Recently, the company announced the 2008 exhibition information

Jingliang Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, is a world-renowned sensor manufacturer, mastering the world's top sensor technology, with more than 2200 employees worldwide, including more than 400 engineers

precision electronics - American meas sensors master the world's leading MEMS manufacturing technology, specializing in the production of: pressure and dynamic pressure sensors, displacement sensors, tilt angle. China's express industry consumes about 8.268 billion plastic bags, about 16.985 billion meters of tape, about 2.977 billion internal buffers, and angular displacement sensors, Hall encoders, magnetoresistive sensors, acceleration sensors, vibration sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors Infrared sensor, photoelectric sensor, piezoelectric trade dominated conductive film sensor, intelligent transportation sensor. The products are widely used in aerospace, national defense and military industry, mechanical equipment, industrial automatic control, automotive electronics, medical treatment, household appliances, HVAC, petrochemical industry, air compressors, meteorological detection, instrumentation and other fields

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