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Precisionhawk signs UAV research agreement with FAA

precisionhawk signs UAV research agreement with FAA

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precisionhawk is an unmanned aerial system and remote sensing company, which has improved the service life of roads. It announced that it has reached a cooperative research and development agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States to promote the research of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in rural areas. FAA administrator Michael Huerta announced the partnership at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference in Atlanta. Precisionhawk will become the only UAV manufacturer, joining CNN and BNSF railway. This is a partnership established under the Pathfinder program, which is an operational proof of concept set up by the Federal Aviation Administration to help integrate commercial UAVs into the national airspace of the United States

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even though we are currently working on rulemaking for small unmanned aerial vehicles, we must continue to actively look for the future expansion of non leisure UA4 The experimental transformer has 800V, 1000V and 1500v3 terminals. Michael Huerta, the FAA administrator, said. This new initiative involving three leading American companies will help us predict and meet the needs of the growing UAS industry

the partnership will take advantage of precisionhawk's extensive work in the global agricultural field to develop a framework for various types of UAVs, fixed wings and multi rotors to operate in agriculture, forestry and other rural industries. In addition to the focus of this use case, precisionhawk will also test the traffic pipe of LATAs (low altitude tracking and avoidance system) and its UAV. 3. During the test, the sample did not hold the justification system. The test will include aircraft transponder and LATAs traffic management ground hardware and software. By introducing an operation tracking system that can be used with any UAV platform, FAA and precisionhawk can safely test operations beyond the line of sight in low-risk non populated areas (such as farmland)

in order for the commercial UAV industry to realize its maximum technical and economic potential, we need to test reliable hardware and software solutions to solve safety problems. We also need to provide data that can prove the reliability of regulators and the public, said Christopher Dean, CEO of precisionhawk

precisionhawk will coordinate with six designated UAS test sites to start the test. Under the Pathfinder plan, Lancaster platform will be able to fly over the line of sight under certain conditions. The goal is to guide the regulation to include such flight activities for all UAS in the future. Precisionhawk will provide FAA with R & D test flights and test data to assist in the regulation of UAS integration

when we seek to establish the most competitive UAV regulatory structure in the world, it is crucial for industry participants to propose solutions and use cases to promote integration, said Ernest earon, President and co-founder of precisionhawk. Through this unique partnership, precisionhawk will represent the commercial use of UAVs and benefit the entire industry

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