Common faults and elimination methods of the hotte

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Common faults and elimination methods of impact crusher

possible faults the cause of the fault is eliminated, and then the vibration of the two screw method is adjusted repeatedly. The vibration amount suddenly increases

when replacing or assembling the plate hammer, the rotor is not well balanced

reinstall the plate hammer, balance and correct the rotor, and the discharge is too large

due to excessive wear of the lining plate or plate hammer, Cause excessive gap

adjust the gap between the front and rear impact frames or replace the lining plate and plate hammer

knocking sound inside the machine

1. It is suitable for the construction of special-shaped parts with many nodes that cannot be broken; Environmental friendly and odorless materials enter the machine

2. The liner plate fastener is loose, and the plate hammer hits the liner plate

3. Ban Yuangong understood the performance of the experimental machine too thoroughly. The hammer or other parts were broken

1. Clean the crushing chamber after shutdown

2. Check the fastening of the lining plate and the gap between the plate hammer and the lining plate

3. Replace the broken parts

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bearing temperature is too high

1, too much or insufficient grease

2. The lubricating grease is dirty

3. Bearing damage

1. Check whether the lubricating grease is appropriate

2. Replace the lubricating grease after cleaning the bearing

3. Replace the bearing

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