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Precision industrial control Gongxing machine tools - 2009 Delta automatic CNC machine tool industry seminar

Chunshan smiles, Li baitaohong, a subsidiary of delta, the world's leading industrial automation brand - Zhongda Diantong, recently held a grand "2009 Delta automatic CNC machine tool industry seminar" in beautiful Pengcheng Shenzhen. The heads and technical experts of 32 machine tool manufacturers from the Pearl River Delta and nearly 20 machine tool users participated in the grand meeting with Zhongda Diantong colleagues to discuss machine tool automation

machine tool NC, machine tool feed, machine tool spindle and machine tool transmission are the four key points of this discussion, and also the core of Zhongda's suggestions for revitalizing the machine tool industry in the Pearl River Delta

technical experts from CNC lathes, multi axis compound turning machines, CNC molding machines, servo and CNC products introduced Zhongda Diantong h2pn, h4cp, h4pls, h8c series CNC systems in detail; For the feed transmission needs of CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC grinders, CNC gear processing machines, electrical processing machines, CNC molding machines and other machine tools, Zhongda Diantong provides customized 400w-3kw delta AB series servo; Delta's 4.5kw-7.5kw a+ series servo can fully meet the feed transmission needs of machining center machine tools, large-scale bridge and gantry milling machines, heavy-duty CNC machine tools, etc; High performance, high response and high precision delta A2 series servo has once again been fully reflected for high-end precision 3D printing, and the machine tool provides a perfect feed transmission

in addition, the application of delta B, e, m, ve series frequency converters on machine tool spindles has been recognized by customers in the machine tool industry. In particular, ve series has occupied the vast majority of the spindle frequency conversion market of compound machines and high-speed vertical and horizontal machining centers approved by the State Intellectual Property Office in Guangdong Province; As a famous brand of precision CNC machine tool transmission products, Zhongda also took CNC lathes and CNC milling machines as examples to explain how it successfully entered the supply chain of various models of GM Wuling, BAIC, GAC and other host manufacturers, and how to reasonably select precision ball screws and linear guide rails, which were highly recognized by the guests on site

with the implementation of the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry", it is urgent to accelerate the development and industrialization of CNC systems and functional components supporting medium and high-end CNC machine tools. Zhongda Diantong will work with machine tool manufacturers to reach the world summit in this field with precision industrial control

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