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Precision electronics has extended upstream into the mold manufacturing field. The increasing popularity of smart and tablet computers has accelerated the demand for precision electronics. Luo Baihui, CEO of golden model and Secretary General of the International Mold Association, believes that in the future, with the "super book" (the new concept of computers launched by Intel, which leads to notebook computers being lighter and thinner, with ultra long standby time and high performance), smart TVs and other new consumption hotspots continue to emerge, The precision electronics sector is expected to be further developed

in the past two years, notebook computers have tended to be light and thin. Especially after the launch of Apple air series notebooks, the "super notebook" with a body thickness of about 15mm has gradually been defined as the prototype of the next generation of notebook computers. Luo Baihui believes that with the international well-known computer giants entering the "ultrabook" market one after another, the market demand of precision electronics manufacturers of ultra-thin metal parts and other materials will be released rapidly, and the precision electronics sector will definitely benefit

in terms of intelligence, Apple's dominant position has changed. Manufacturers have refreshed data according to actual needs and entered the Android camp. Xu Hui, an expert of Android Henan Construction Engineering Group, said that the market share will continue to rise. Therefore, in this industrial chain, Luo Baihui suggested to focus on companies with core technologies in mold, design and precision manufacturing. On this basis, these companies can not only extend upstream into the field of mold manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, but also extend downstream, and 3D printing will also benefit more and more people! Complete machine assembly and OEM. In terms of performance, according to national standards, precision electronic concept stocks began to enter a high-speed growth period, and some stocks even maintained a 50% increase for three consecutive quarters

investors should also pay attention to the scale efficiency of enterprises when choosing precision electronics. After all, in the face of increasing production costs, scale is an effective means for enterprises to maintain competitiveness

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