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Jingmin digital launched its self-developed electric cylinder, the core equipment of 4D Cinema: linear electric cylinder

4d/5d cinema electric cylinder platform core components: linear electric cylinder jmdm-ddg-220

I. technical parameters

1, 220V AC servo motor

2, forged aluminum alloy shell

3, high alloy steel telescopic rod

4, maximum thrust: 200kg

5, stroke: 200mm

6, working environment temperature: -25 ℃ -85 ℃

7, motor power: 1kw

8. Maximum speed: 200mm/s

9 Screw lead: 5mm

10. Screw diameter: 1. Uniformity of improving material quality 6mm

11. Repeated positioning accuracy: 0.02mm

2. Application instructions

1. Non standard can be customized. Another focus of attention in October is 1. Output the originally recorded control signal value. On October 15: the travel and thrust can be customized according to the specific needs of customers

2, including: electric cylinder, servo motor and driver, coupling

3. Purpose: it is used in industrial applications such as linear positioning, high-speed and high-precision sports. Typical applications: 4D cinema, dynamic entertainment equipment and other applications. It is the core component of the 4d/5d cinema electric cylinder platform

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