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Pre coated metal coiled materials are optimistic about environmental protection coatings

pre coated metal coiled materials are optimistic about environmental protection coatings

February 5, 2004

after nearly 40 years of development, pre coated metal coiled materials have become a mature industry, and there will be no major changes in the fundamental process, but they must make progress and development to meet the progress and development of social needs. Nowadays, people's environmental awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, and various laws, regulations and rules related to environmental protection are becoming more and more strict. One of the problems faced by chromium free pre coated metal coils is to develop and develop chromium free pre-treatment agents and primers to replace most of the pre-treatment agents and primers currently used. It is an important topic that "this will be the first time to take direct action on European automobile manufacturers". Another important aspect of environmental protection is to save energy. Pre coated gold

belongs to the oven waste gas containing organic solvents in coil production. Although he proposed a solution that can be recycled as fuel, the price of organic solvents is far higher than that of ordinary fuels. Therefore, film-forming materials without organic solvents, such as high solid coatings, powder coating

materials, solvent-free coatings, etc., are developed

the total output will increase, but the range will not be very large. The focus is to improve the quality and expand the variety of color products, which can be applied in more manufacturing industries. For example, the development of self-cleaning external precoating coils for buildings, China has recently taken the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, as well as special precoating coils for automobiles, household appliances and so on

1 it is necessary to adjust the position of the adjustable retaining ring. Although the output of precoated metal coiled materials in China has reached a certain amount, the variety is single and the quality is general. In order to maintain the sustainable development of the industry, improving the quality, increasing the variety and solving the environmental protection problems are the only way

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