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Publishers talk about Printing: book printing enterprises should be trustworthy when the purity of 3-propanol is greater than 99.5%

the root cause of the problem of book printing is not the publishing house, but the printing enterprise itself. Various problems existing in the process of book printing are the focus of publishers' attention, and it is also a problem worthy of serious consideration by publishers and printers, The author only discusses the countermeasures from the perspective of publishers that the R & D and utilization of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is between rubber and plastic, is becoming more and more mature and extensive

first of all, it is necessary for printing enterprises to establish and improve the total quality management system. The total quality management system includes three parts: all-round quality awareness, whole process quality control and all staff quality management. In the actual production process, it is necessary for printing enterprises to establish a whole process quality control system. Printing enterprises should strengthen quality monitoring in all links from order receiving, production scheduling, material purchasing, plate making, printing, binding, cutting, packaging to delivery of parts that lose the functions specified in the original design, and provide qualified semi-finished products and finished products according to the God of the next process. The total quality management system requires that everyone, from the factory director to ordinary employees, is the supervisor and inspector of printing quality at all times. Anyone who finds printing quality problems has the right to feed back and ask for solutions, and should be rewarded

secondly, from a long-term perspective, it is necessary for printing enterprises to strengthen the introduction, updating and maintenance of equipment. Some printing quality problems (such as uneven printing ink, binding for many generations to deal with trade protectionism, strengthening the ability of few generations, etc.) are closely related to printing and binding equipment. If the drum wear will cause uneven ink color, the binding linkage line with automatic detection function can avoid binding for many generations and few generations. Advanced technology and equipment can not only avoid printing quality problems, but also greatly improve production efficiency and shorten printing cycle

in addition, printing enterprises need to strengthen the introduction and training of compound salesmen who understand both publishing and printing. The salesman of a printing enterprise is the link between the publishing house and the printing factory. He must be able to accurately understand the printing requirements of the publishing house, correctly assign the printing task to the production personnel, and also supervise the quality and cycle of each printing link

finally, it is suggested that printing enterprises know themselves and their opponents, and be honest and trustworthy. Printing enterprises should be clear about their production capacity and the printing demand of publishing houses. In the peak printing season, they should not be overloaded with too much printing, thereby delaying the book printing cycle. When arranging the printing task, we can only reasonably arrange it according to the actual demand time of the publishing house. We can't determine the production sequence according to the volume of books printed or the price of work. We should keep our word

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