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Putuo kindergarten suddenly decorates and paints, children cough, parents strike

Putuo kindergarten suddenly decorates and paints, children cough, parents strike

October 31, 2013

[China paint information] vomiting, allergic cough, similar symptoms appear continuously in more than 10 children in Putuo Jiande kindergarten. Some parents who are eager to protect their calves choose to let their children take a vacation, and some choose to transfer their children to school, But for the source of this abnormal phenomenon, they unanimously pointed to the "surprise decoration" of kindergartens

"there was no notice in the whole decoration process, and the decoration was carried out at the beginning of school, and the taste was very pungent." Parents said. Tao, the head of the Academic Affairs Office of Jiande kindergarten, admitted that the school did whitewash and paint the walls in early October in order to cooperate with the inspection of the superior department, and it was indeed his carelessness not to communicate with his parents

parents' comments: the children's collection reflects allergic cough

Jiande kindergarten is a large private kindergarten, which has received more than 300 children at the age of one year. "Usually, they are very formal, and the hardware is also good." Parents' comments. However, their views have changed since early October. "Mom, the school smells bad." One day in early October, when Ms. Wu was picking up her son Lele from school, she heard the child say so. Immediately, the children in the middle (first) class with Lele also made similar complaints to their parents. "Two children in our class vomited today." One child said

"after that day, Lele had a slight stuffy nose, runny nose and some cough." Ms. Wu told that at first she didn't care that it coincided with the weekend, and the child began to recover after resting at home for two days. "I didn't expect to go to kindergarten for a day, and my cough got worse."

Ms. Wu told that after that, Lele would sneeze 17 or 18 times every day and often cough up at night. She had to take Lele to the children's Hospital for examination. On the medical record card presented by Ms. Wu, it was seen that the doctor diagnosed Lele's symptoms as allergic cough caused by respiratory tract infection. After reporting this situation to the parents of class 1, Ms. Wu found that Lele was not the only one with this symptom. "My children are the same." "I have been coughing these days, and I have some allergies." Such a coincidence has to make Ms. Wu feel something strange. A member of the "parents' committee" in the group revealed that the school was being renovated to meet the inspection of the education department on October 31. "At 3:00 p.m. on October 11, I went to the kindergarten for a meeting. After the meeting, I went to the classroom to pick up the children. I saw the painter carrying a bucket passing in front of us. The building tasted very good." The "family committee" member told

many parents confirmed to me that from October 8 to 21, their children also had vomiting, nosebleed and nasal congestion to varying degrees. When several children with serious symptoms, including Lele, went to see a doctor, the diagnosis of Shanghai Children's Hospital and Ruijin Hospital was cough (and mild asthma) caused by allergy, which could not be ruled out by inhalation of foreign chemicals

worry about pollution: nearly half of the children in a class are taken home

after the news that the kindergarten may produce paint odor due to decoration spread in the group, many parents are dissatisfied that the supply of effective scientific research results that can be industrialized is insufficient than the behavior that the kindergarten did not inform in advance. Many parents contacted the head teacher that night. The head teacher confirmed that the school was being repainted, but said it was not a big problem. If you were worried, let the children bring bamboo charcoal bags to the kindergarten. "Although there is no direct evidence that the child's symptoms are caused by the decoration of the kindergarten, no matter what, the decoration is so big, the school should at least inform." The mother of a child with allergic cough said

Jiande kindergarten is a relatively closed kindergarten, and there are few opportunities for parents to be allowed in all year round. On October 17, when picking up the children from school, Ms. Liu "took the opportunity" to sneak into the kindergarten to check. "As soon as I entered the hall, I smelled an obvious smell of paint, which seemed to have just been painted." Ms. Liu told that the interior, including the walls around the corridor, stair handrails, and some cabinets in the room, were painted with paint. The residual smell could still be smelled in the classroom of class (1), and some exterior walls and doors were also painted

when the news of kindergarten decoration was confirmed, many parents took their children home one after another. The head teacher of class (1) in middle school confirmed that the class of nearly 40 people had only 20 people on duty yesterday. At present, a parent of class 1 has gone through the dropout procedures for his child. "When I went to check out on the 28th, I waited in the hall for only 15 minutes and coughed all the time." The parent said that the school didn't notice the decoration at all, which made her feel cold

parents' dissatisfaction: why didn't you inform them in advance before decoration

accordingly, Ms. Tang, the parent representative of class 1 of middle school, raised four questions to the school:

first, why didn't you inform parents before kindergarten decoration

second, when did the decoration begin, how many places were decorated, and what materials and coatings were used

third, whether these materials and coatings have an impact on children and how much

fourth, why does the school repeatedly prevaricate on parents' demands? How to deal with the aftermath now? Who needs to be responsible for this

Ms. Tang told that she had been trying to contact the head of the kindergarten for several weeks, but the head of the kindergarten refused to appear, and the head teacher had always said that the kindergarten environment was no longer a problem. "My daughter has been at home for two weeks, but when and whether she should go back is unknown to me, and no one told me."

the garden responded: it was just "color supplement" to deal with the evaluation

yesterday afternoon, after obtaining the consent of the garden, they entered the hall and several floors for visits. At the scene, we saw that the four walls of the hall on the first floor were whitewashed, the walls on both sides of the stairs and the walls around the second and third floors were whitewashed, and the middle (first) class was located at the entrance of the stairs on the third floor. In addition, the kindergarten gate, the connection between the wall and the ground, and the handrail of the stairs have been repainted, and there is still a slight smell when I get close. The school also requires that the wooden shelves set up on the playground of the electronic universal experimental machine industry have also been painted

teacher Tao, head of the Academic Affairs Office of Putuo Jiande kindergarten, said in an interview that this behavior of the school is not decoration, but "filling the color". "I don't know why parents have such a big response, but their statement must be exaggerated."

at the same time, teacher Tao pointed out that the kindergarten only invited the engineering team designated by the District Education Bureau to paint during the National Day holiday, which did not last long. "The engineering team uses the most environmentally friendly green paint and paint, and absolutely does not whitewash during normal teaching activities."

for parents' doubts about the obligation of disclosure, Mr. Tao also admitted that he did not notify parents in advance and afterwards, nor did he give timely explanations for parents' feedback, which were "temporary carelessness" in work

"we will deal with the aftermath as soon as possible and hire a third-party testing agency to conduct environmental testing for the kindergarten." For the reason for this construction, Mr. Tao admitted that it was really to cope with the research and evaluation above. "If it weren't for this evaluation, we would never have built so much in such a short time."

Putuo District Education Bureau responded: it will urge kindergartens to take remedial measures

according to the relevant person in charge of Putuo District Education Bureau, after receiving the feedback, they have contacted Jiande kindergarten at the first time, and will urge kindergartens to take relevant remedial measures after verification

the person in charge said that the kindergarten had previously signed a contract with a third-party testing agency for environmental testing, and will implement it in the near future and issue a reliable testing report. At the same time, the kindergarten promised to hold a parents' meeting with the parents of the children who reported the situation to discuss countermeasures and start aftermath negotiations. At the same time, the District Education Bureau is also actively working with kindergartens to formulate the next countermeasures, which does not rule out transferring the heavily affected middle (first) class children to nearby kindergartens for short-term custody

environmental protection experts: all construction materials of kindergartens should be filed.

according to Li Wei, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Environmental Protection Industry Association, with the improvement of citizens' awareness of environmental protection in recent years, complaints about air and environmental quality have gradually increased. He pointed out that even if the paint used in the construction process is environmentally friendly, there are certain harmful substances in it, which will affect the human body, especially children. "After painting the wall with paint and paint, in addition to the odor that can be identified by human smell, substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic organics in these building materials will become the inducement of respiratory diseases, and more serious ones may be hidden in the human body."

Li Wei told that the release cycle of formaldehyde is years. Generally, if the selected materials are better and green design and construction are achieved at the same time, it is more appropriate to leave them vacant and ventilated for 1-3 months. "If you are in a kindergarten, the logistics department should have a filing system for all construction materials and a batch test report for the materials. After the construction is completed, air purification should be carried out, and then a third-party organization should be asked to test and ensure ventilation."

Beijing has special regulations and restrictions: it is forbidden to accept children who fail to pass the air test

according to public information, Beijing first standardized the decoration management of kindergartens in 2006. Kindergartens must inform parents in advance before decoration. If the air quality test after decoration is unqualified, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission will prohibit kindergartens from opening to receive children. According to the regulations, the large-scale decoration and reconstruction of kindergartens need to be separated by about 5 years, and small-scale local decoration and reconstruction should not be repeated. Kindergartens with decoration, reconstruction and expansion projects reaching more than 50% of the kindergarten area shall not accept children while construction. During this period, the kindergarten can mobilize parents to pick up the children by themselves, or the kindergarten can properly arrange the children in different places

if the elongation of the material exceeds 1000%, you can choose the stroke of 1000 or 1200mm

and what kind of situation is it in Shanghai? It is reported that Shanghai has not specifically standardized the decoration management of kindergartens. According to the person in charge of Jiande kindergarten, the decoration of the kindergarten is generally the final say in the kindergarten, and it does not need to be reported to the District Education Bureau for approval. It is completely completed independently, but it will go through a series of processes such as application and bidding. "Whether to invite professional institutions to test after the decoration of kindergartens is different from each other. There is no such link in the annual output range of our high-end regenerative medicine products of 5billion yuan."

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