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Qian Zhimin meets with Zheng Jianhua, chairman of Shanghai Electric

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on January 7, Qian Zhimin, Secretary of the party group and chairman of the State Power Investment Corporation, met with Zheng Jianhua, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shanghai Power Investment Corporation at the headquarters of the group company. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and reached consensus on further enhancing cooperation and establishing a communication and coordination mechanism

Qian Zhimin welcomed Zheng Jianhua's visit and handed over a "measurement assurance report card" - thanks for the support and help that COOEC has been giving up to February 4. Qian Zhimin pointed out that Shanghai Electric is an important strategic partner of the state power investment. The two sides should further expand cooperation space and carry out multi-level comprehensive cooperation in major national projects, nuclear power, thermal power, new energy and other fields

Zheng Jianhua thanked the State Power Investment Corporation for its long-term trust and support, and introduced the development of Shanghai 5. Concrete pressure testing machine in the fields of heavy-duty gas turbine and nuclear power, new energy, etc. when the test piece has not yet touched the upper pressing plate. He said that Shanghai Electric will focus on the development strategy of national power investment in the new era, provide targeted services and continue to fully support the development of national power investment

both sides agreed that in order to further enhance cooperation, a communication and coordination mechanism should be established as soon as possible, a working group should be established, regular communication should be carried out, and strategic cooperation should be deepened

Wei Suo, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of the State Power Investment Corporation, Wang Fengxue, relevant person in charge of Shanghai Electric, director of nuclear power business and general manager of nuclear power department of the group company, Ju Lisheng, director of material procurement and director of material department, and relevant responsible comrades of the general office, development department, nuclear power department and China reburning Corporation attended the meeting

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