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Publishing workflow (I)

many exciting products and technologies were exhibited at the Seybold San Francisco Conference held on September 24, 2001. Here is a brief introduction and promotion of the products used in the workflow to identify the impact of changes in order 1 conditions on the finished products, which can introduce diversified capital recommendations


PDF will become a general data format, which can perfectly handle all kinds of printed and electronic documents. There are two main reasons why PDF has such great ability: first, Adobe's file structure is both expressive and extensible; Second, third-party developers can propose new ways to expand the use of PDF. Here, I will introduce two outstanding methods

1. Ansyr technology company

ansyr technology company is a pioneer in developing PDF technology for handheld devices, and introduced the latest applications at this meeting. Pdf form is a plug-in of the company's unique product primer PDF reading software, which allows users of Windows CE or pocket PC to process PDF documents on remote computers through wireless connection. Although the industry is not very interested in PDF files for handheld devices at present, ansyr's tool suite has found a corner in the market, such as construction, engineering and heavy industry. Although many companies, including adobe, have begun to try to develop PDF applications for handheld devices, ansyr is more innovative, and they try to make it possible to log in remote PDF files

2. Idelix software company

idelix has developed a convenient user interface pliable display technology, which can generate a "virtual lens" to enlarge a certain part of the screen, so that users can observe the details of that part (or read small fonts). The transition between the enlarged area and the non enlarged area maintains complete contextual coherence, which is particularly useful when moving the "lens" on the page

at this conference, idelix launched pliablepaper, an acrobat plug-in that allows users to easily read PDF files without spending too much effort on page navigation. Just use the lens to enlarge the framed text, and then move around the file to complete the browsing work, and maintain the integrity of the file, without losing or missing information

automation of printing production workflow

with the continuous maturity of portable file format (PDF), it becomes easier and easier to communicate the process between creative design, arrangement and production. Pdf can contain not only metadata related to enterprises, but also accurate content data, making it an ideal carrier for printing and online publishing. However, the expectation of PDF efficiency is often reduced due to human errors. At this meeting, people had a strong interest in the PDF based production planning tool from Callas software company, a process automation system software from Caslon IT company and PDF generation control software from creoscitex company

1.callas software company

for small and medium-sized publications, production planning is often a tedious and lengthy process, which requires a large number of manual operations and tabulation software or database software to complete the whole work, and the probability of cost waste and error communication is very high. Many planning software and prepress production software can not achieve good communication between processes, resulting in the spread and diffusion of errors

qxplan, the original publishing planning software of Callas software company, cannot answer: the control errors of stress rate, stress retention, strain rate and strain retention of 0.5 and 1 precision experimental machines are ± 1% and ± 2% respectively It works well with the installed QPS, and the new version of qxplan2 launched at this meeting is completely based on Adobe Acrobat. It not only includes QPS, but also supports the InDesign publishing system K4 developed by softcare and the file processing environment of quark Xpress or PDF. It allows users to plan one-time publications or generate templates for republished publications

callas claims that their software can also use the database to manage the layout of advertisements and other metadata, and can also be used in conjunction with quarkdms resource management system

2. Although the prepress automation of Caslon IT company is not a new concept, it is indeed a link with many problems. Theoretically speaking, the computerized process is easy to realize automation, but the parameter variables of each operation are different, making complete automation difficult to achieve. Early automation products, such as Adobe open, cannot prove to be effective in saving cost and time. Nevertheless, many developers are constantly looking for ways to reduce manual operations (such as the movement of files and the management of commonly used folders)

for this reason, the Danish developer Caslon IT company developed the caslonflow2.0 system. Unlike the early automation software, it cannot directly control the behavior of applications, but focuses on how to move files to designated common folders and other issues. The window nt/2000 system can monitor the open software, filter files (through the windows extension, but not the Macintosh file type), and send e-mail when conditions are appropriate

caslonflow2.0 can handle various types of files, including postscript and PDF. The new versions also support JDF (job definition format) files, with the ability to manage through the network


there are many dazzling options in the "job options" control of acrobat distill. Users often make major mistakes due to wrong choices, making some users reluctant to use PDF files. For this reason, some developers have developed some PDF generation and pre inspection tools, and creoscitex's synapse product series adopts a comprehensive approach to solve this problem. The "pro" version of the user can control not only the job options of distill, but also other variables, such as the setting of focus pitshop. Directives is a collection of mixed data. Together with the cheaper synapse prepare, they control the behavior of distil and detect common problems

production system

internet poses a serious challenge to paper media, but in a short period of time, paper media is still the best way to make money, and paper publications are still very important to most publishing houses. From the meeting, we saw that for publishing groups, application software integrating printing and production began to rise, which was partly due to the emergence of Adobe's InDesign and incopy products. At this conference, three products for magazine publishing appeared

1. Managing editor company

managing editor company is a major developer based on Adobe technology. They exhibited the printing production workflow tool truedit, which is mainly aimed at the broad publishing market. At present, the development of truedit is centered on Adobe's text, paging box, incopy and indes. Truedit can also provide users with personalized workflow, so that users do not have to invest in a complete system

it is expected that truedit will have significant growth in the future, which will include more metadata processed by Adobe's software to achieve cross media publishing. In addition, it is also applicable to printing tasks, forcing users using Quark to turn to the InDesign platform

2. Modulo systems company

although adobe and managing editor have jointly developed a new publishing system based on adobe, the commercial publishing industry is still constantly looking for a more applicable system. What fills the gap in the magazine market is modulo company, which has completed the development of the new version of quark qps2.1 and added support for tcp/ip protocol, which makes it very simple to connect with remote offices

modulo also showed a brand-new advertising management software package gadgets, developed by its Australian subsidiary. This is a complete set of advertising management tools, which can simplify work and improve speed. This is the first time to show it in the United States. It includes classified order entry, display order entry, document management, finance, sales and reporting

gadgets are very suitable for magazines, weekly newspapers, real estate weekly and trade catalogs

3. Softcare's K4 publishing system is a magazine publishing and production system. Although it directly competes with quark's QPS, it uses InDesign and incopy instead of quark's products. This is the first time that K4 has participated in the exhibition in the United States, but it is well-known in Germany. It has been selected by two magazines, namely tourism weekly (in Europe, it is the first magazine to use InDesign) and financial weekly

k4 allows people in different organizations to complete and group versions at the same time. The staff can enter according to the layout that has been arranged. At the same time, the article and layout are locked so that other users cannot make changes to it. Use the "layer" function in InDesign to define which element in the page belongs to which article, which makes it easier to combine text, pictures, titles and toolbars in one layout

softcare, a company based in Hamburg, Germany, was established in 1990 and has been developing products for the publishing industry

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