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From drupa's point of view: the independent drive technology of gravure press

1. the independent drive technology of gravure press

(1) the main advantages of independent drive: there is no need for mechanical transmission shaft and registration compensation roller mechanism, the number of mechanical parts is reduced, and the length of material belt is shortened, so it is conducive to improving the printing quality and printing speed

(2) features of independently driven gravure press:

a each printing unit is driven by an independent motor

b motor directly drives the plate cylinder to realize longitudinal registration in the stamping process

c horizontal registration is controlled by the movement of stepping motor

The heiostar2000 unit gravure printer developed by W & H company adopts independent drive technology and is equipped with rapid replacement and cleaning system (ecoplus), which significantly reduces the preparation time of the printer; R960 independently driven flexible packaging gravure printing machine launched by Cerutti company has a maximum printing speed of 450m/min and a printing width of 1400mm, which can be used for the printing of various films, aluminum foil, paper and paperboard; Rotopak4000-1 gravure printing machine of valmentrotomec company adopts es (electronic axis) system, which can carry out rapid registration setting and increase the stability of the machine. The maximum printing speed can reach 650m/min

2. Independent drive technology of the flexible die fish printing machine

the plate cylinder of the old flexo printing machine, the gear of the imprinting cylinder drives the gear of the plate cylinder to form synchronous rotation, and the repeated circumference of the printed matter is the same as the pitch of impurities in the gear E and the oil delivery valve

the plate cylinder of the new flexo press adopts digital transmission technology to directly drive the plate cylinder, which solves the problem that the repetition length of printing products is limited by the gear pitch, When changing the printing products with different girths, the overprint accuracy of each color group can be adjusted independently without changing the gear, so as to improve the printing quality of flexible packaging flexographic printing. It can also realize the stepless and continuous optional printing length and improve the production efficiency. 5. The selection of temperature change rate. The general high and low temperature experimental box has no index of cooling rate

Italian Omet (Omet) The Varyflex independently driven flexographic printing machine displayed by the company adopts sleeve and independent drive technology, a precision designed tension control system, a special hot air drying device and a large water-cooled roller, and can be equipped with special post press processing units such as silk screen printing, cold/hot pressing, die cutting, embossing, etc

the maximum printing speed of the satellite type 8-color packaging flexographic press developed by W & H company is 470 M/min. it takes only 1 minute to replace the flexographic cylinder and embossing roller on a unit, which greatly shortens the time spent changing the cylinder and embossing roller when replacing products

the flexlinevario unit flexographic press developed by BHS company adopts a plate cylinder driven directly without gears, which eliminates the limitation caused by the number of gear teeth. Each printing unit is equipped with its own independent servo drive mechanism and rapid roll change system, with a maximum printing speed of 500 meters/minute. (Wen/xuwencai)

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