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Independent innovation of construction machinery: rewrite "Chinese quality"

independent innovation of construction machinery: rewrite "Chinese quality"

information of China's construction machinery

Guide: Once upon a time, due to the entry of foreign capital, China's construction machinery industry fell into a brand crisis. Thus, a brand defense war was launched. Through efforts, the face of the construction machinery industry has changed greatly: in recent years, 12 major technological innovations have been listed in the National 863 plan implementation projects, and have reached

once upon a time, due to the entry of foreign capital, China's construction machinery industry fell into a brand crisis. Thus, a brand defense war was launched

great changes have taken place in the face of the construction machinery industry through efforts: over the past few years, 12 major technological innovations have been included in the implementation projects of the national "863" plan, and have reached the expected acceptance standards; Every year, 70 to 80 new products are put on the market to meet the needs of customers, and the output value of new products reaches about 25% on average every year; The research and development funds of key backbone enterprises have accounted for more than 2% of sales, and a few enterprises have reached the international advanced level of 5%. An independent new product research and development system and modern research and development means have been formed, and the development cycle of new products has been shortened to about one year, which greatly improves the ability to deal with the market

at this time, the independent innovation of the machinery industry is rewriting the world's understanding of Chinese products

At the beginning of reform and opening up, China's construction machinery industry introduced technology in the way of "market for technology"

as time goes on, more and more people realize that the market can exchange technology, but not core technology. Core technologies also need independent research and development by domestic enterprises

the cooperation between XCMG group and caterpillar in excavator has puzzled many insiders: XCMG no longer produces the original excavator, and the original contract plan to produce supporting parts with the other party's technology has not been fulfilled... On the one hand, the proportion of foreign brands of wholly-owned and foreign-owned enterprises and OEM products of domestic enterprises in the market has risen sharply; On the other hand, the homogenization of domestic products, low prices, disorderly competition and other phenomena have increased unabated. Foreign brands have an absolute advantage in the total domestic market and export market

at the high-level forum on the development of construction machinery, he Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., loudly called for strengthening the ability of independent innovation and revitalizing the national equipment manufacturing industry. This voice has become the consensus of more people in the field of construction machinery in the intensified competition

xinbenhui, head of the enterprise operation Department of Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd., will not forget that the road roller they just produced was not popular in the domestic market because the product was not "famous". Faced with the construction party's clear request to use the products of a foreign manufacturer, Zoomlion salesperson repeatedly asked the other party to try. As a result, the Zoomlion trademark on the car body was covered - only by pretending to be a "foreign brand" can they be allowed to enter the construction site. Similarly, the small excavators produced by XCMG are only half the price of similar Komatsu products when their performance tests are better than those of similar Komatsu products in Japan

since then, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, whose predecessor started by "selling drawings", and others began to think about how to better reflect their technology on products and make more users accept it. Zhan Chunxin said, "people don't believe you, mainly because they don't believe you have excellent technology. The technical content of products is the prerequisite for a strong brand. Products that can become a strong brand must have their own core technology."

"it is better to find another way to grasp the initiative of development with self innovation than to follow others' lead and become a 'production workshop' This is the idea that Liang Wengen, chairman of Hunan Sany Heavy Industry Group, was forced out at the beginning. At that time, he and his team had been towing pumps for several years. Because they didn't master the technology of hydraulic control system, it was too expensive to buy Japanese products. After domestic products were installed on pump trucks, six pump trucks were returned - they were forced to see my detailed introduction below. So Liang Wengen went to a research institute in Beijing and asked his fellow countryman Yi Xiaogang, who will become the technological pioneer of Sany in the future...

mechanism and investment become the force to promote innovation

independent innovation requires a new mechanism. He Qinghua realized that independent innovation cannot be achieved by passion alone, nor is it an immediate process. Inside Shanhe intelligence, he Qinghua has gathered a group of talents who can settle down to do research driven by career and interest. This is his "disciplinary company"

Sany also created a good environment for independent innovation. Sany has made clear in its core cultural concept that "everything comes from innovation", "reactive power is excess, creativity is ability" and "tolerance of failure". March 31 of each year is the Sany science and technology festival. In this festival, Sany not only directly rewards major technological innovation projects and individuals, but also provides equity incentives to R & D personnel, and rewards cars and houses through scientific and technological innovation points. At this year's Sany Heavy Industry Science and technology festival, Li Bing, a deceased scientific and technological personnel, won a grand prize of more than 30 million yuan. This shows that in Sany Heavy Industry, enterprises will never forget anyone who has made contributions to independent innovation

in this environment, Yi Xiaogang, the technical director of Sany Heavy Industry, regards independent innovation as an ideal. For a key undertaking part, he worked in the scientific research room for dozens of days. When the results of repeated experiments showed that his innovation failed, he even despair... Many years later, when he mentioned these again, he still couldn't help but wet his eyes

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. takes the lead in paying attention to basic components and parts in China's construction machinery industry. In the test and research center built by the company with an investment of more than 3 billion yuan, we can see that a long set of data is constantly changing in the axle reliability experiment being done. Wujianqiang, director of transmission laboratory, said that here, we can roughly understand the gap between some relevant parts we make and similar foreign products and the reliability of our products

the latest data of the top 500 Chinese enterprises shows that the R & D investment of Chinese manufacturing enterprises accounts for only 1.88% of the sales revenue. The serious shortage of R & D investment has also become a key factor restricting China's manufacturing industry from creating strong brands. Li Cuiying, deputy general manager of Sany group and President of the Research Institute, said that in recent years, Sany has invested 5% to 7% of its sales revenue in research and development every year, which is three to five times the average level of the same industry. In 2007, Sany invested 800million yuan in research and development. At present, Sany's research and development force is enough to support the annual sales scale of 20billion yuan

According to Wang Jian, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Anhui Forklift Group, Anhui Heli has made great efforts to research the core system. In 2007, the scientific research funds have also accounted for more than 5.6% of the product sales revenue of that year, and 125 new products and new technology projects have been completed

transformation of achievements is the most important support for independent innovation.

in Sany, "high innovation achievements - high conversion rate - high yield" is a highly logical virtuous cycle chain, which promotes the continuous innovation and development process of Sany. On the R & D management platform of Sany Heavy Industry, the conversion rate of R & D achievements is 100%. In October, 2007, the 66m boom pump truck independently developed by Sany Heavy Industry, representing the highest international technical level, set the Guinness world record; In January, 2008, the 900 ton crawler crane, "the first crane in Asia", was successfully rolled off the production line, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands on China's super large tonnage crane market

Yi Xiaogang, CEO of Sany Heavy Industry, said that as it is the world record and the largest in Asia, Sany Heavy Industry has the qualification to control product prices

according to Zhan Chunxin, Zoomlion has created more than 1000 scientific research achievements with completely independent intellectual property rights and realized industrialization. At present, the sales revenue of new products accounts for more than half of the annual revenue. Due to the high added value of technology and strong profitability, Zoomlion now ranks 24th among the global construction machinery manufacturers

in Liugong, the research and development mode of "producing one generation, developing one generation and reserving one generation" has enabled Liugong to successfully launch G series wheel loaders representing China's third generation loader products, plateau loaders that fill the gap in the world, and large wheel loaders of 6 to 10 tons. Today, Liugong continues to launch nearly 20 new products every year

in Zhejiang Hangcha Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the product is developed based on the user's demand that the tensile test refers to whether the bolt is qualified in the vertical state. After the new generation of R-Series and J-series forklifts are put on the market, the replacement of imported products is gradually formed. Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has always regarded the development and production of key components as an important development direction. At present, the development and manufacturing of crawler chassis, hydraulic torque converter and gearbox are at the domestic leading level, and the products are not only applied to domestic but also applied to international main engine manufacturers

any independent innovation is for application. In the field of construction machinery in China, this application is not limited to the immediate future. Xu Ming, vice governor of Jiangsu Province and Secretary of Xuzhou municipal Party committee, said that the research and development of each new product of international big brand enterprises in the pharmaceutical field, such as Glaxo, is to prepare for the next decade and for future development. Recently, it was seen in the laboratory of XCMG test and research center that the two stubborn quality problems of high failure rate in the construction machinery industry, hydraulic components and electrical components, have been overcome

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