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This year is the year when Wenzhou Electric is widely used in helicopter hubs and various aircraft structure industries targeted by the current aluminum matrix composite research and Development Institute. It is only one step away from the output value of 100 billion yuan. Recently, the Pareto public policy salon held a symposium on the electrical industry in Yueqing, inviting industry experts and business representatives to jointly discuss the development of the entire industrial chain of the electrical industry

a solid industrial chain foundation

is the key to the expansion of the industry

in Yueqing, the capital of electrical appliances in China, the total industrial output value of the electrical industry reached more than 90 billion yuan last year, and the number of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size reached 470. At present, the city's electrical industry has 4 of China's top 500 enterprises, 8 of China's top 500 private enterprises, 3 provincial-level leading backbone electrical enterprises, 5 listed companies, and another enterprise is about to be listed

Wang Shougen, President of Yueqing enterprise reform and Development Research Association, is a veteran who has witnessed the 30-year development of the electrical industry. He believes that after more than 30 years of efforts, Wenzhou electric industry has formed a relatively perfect upstream and downstream cooperation supporting system, from product design to production, marketing, logistics, as well as a complete set of systems such as advertising consulting, financial audit, financial services, inspection and testing, which is where the core competitiveness of Leqing electric industry lies

therefore, only by improving and perfecting the supporting capacity, there is no need to worry about the outflow of enterprises. Even if an enterprise moves out, it will return to a certain extent, because it cannot live without such a professional industrial supporting foundation. Wang Shougen proposed that in order to better play the role of the supporting foundation of the electrical industry, the government needs to further create the enterprise ecological environment, industrial development environment and urban soft environment

in the face of the short board of the electrical industry

adhering to innovation is still the direction

although the experts and business people present at the meeting are full of confidence in sprinting to the 100 billion industry, they have a clear understanding of the short board 2 of the industry

lack of innovation, core competence, talents, equipment and technology. Chen Dongqing, chairman of Wenzhou Jingyi group, said frankly that due to the insufficient protection of intellectual property rights, many enterprises can not enjoy the high return brought by innovation, so many enterprises attach importance to imitation and neglect innovation, and even there is a saying that if there is no innovation, it will die slowly and if there is innovation, it will die quickly

in order to break through the barrier of technological innovation, many enterprises have insisted on doing fine and specialized work for many years. Wankong group adheres to the product research and development of switchgear for decades, and has become the leader in the industry with direct atomic interface, with an output value of more than 10 billion; Fuda alloy has made its small electrical contacts to the extreme, ranking among the giants of the global contact industry and becoming a model of becoming bigger and stronger

Yueqing electric industry can rely on the thinking of industrial chain to increase innovation. For example, establishing the basis and connection of technology sharing in the high-end links of the industrial chain is actually conducive to the upgrading of the electrical industry. Li Liqun, vice president of the Party School of Yueqing municipal Party committee, suggested that we should focus on the construction of five major scientific and technological innovation platforms such as the provincial electrical industry design base and seven large enterprise research institutes such as Chint low voltage intelligent electrical appliances research institute

construction and integration of the whole industrial chain

support the future of the industry

for the future of the electrical industry, participants are more inclined to the integration of industrial chain and globalization. Cheng Yuhao from Chint Group, taking the industrial strategic layout as an example, is exploring the synergy of the whole industrial chain in smart electricity, automation, new energy, finance and other sectors, which resonates with the participants

the construction of the whole industrial chain is actually integration. Zhu kangdui, a professor at the Party School of the municipal Party committee, took the rise of Silicon Valley in the United States as an example to illustrate the importance of professionalizing the whole industry chain according to Bob Larsen, the CEO of CRTC. He further proposed that in order to realize the integration of industrial clustering and global value chain, we should look at the development path of the electrical industry from a global perspective

Zang Guohua, director of Yueqing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, also believes that whether it is smart electricity or high-voltage power transmission and transformation, whether it is wires and cables or electrical materials, it is a field worthy of further tapping potential, as well as the direction of green environmental protection and clean energy, which also has development potential. He believes that the future of the electrical industry is worth looking forward to by deepening and penetrating industrial clusters and expanding and strengthening electrical enterprises

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