Inauguration of Synthetic Rubber Research Institut

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The Synthetic Rubber Research Institute of the national tire Center unveiled

the exterior and interior appearance of the national film should have superior smoothness. The Synthetic Rubber Research Institute of the national tire process and control engineering technology research center was recently established in Qingdao IKOs new materials Co., Ltd

after its establishment, the Synthetic Rubber Research Institute will rely on the excellent innovation team and advanced R & D equipment of Qingdao ICOS new materials Co., Ltd. to promote the three major synthetic rubber products (rare earth isoprene rubber, rare earth CIS polybutadiene rubber and rare earth neoprene rubber) to enter the market, and is committed to the later improvement of product performance and the research of new processes for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and constantly improve the existing technology. At the same time, NCC is also a comprehensive factory that will carry out the research and development of new synthetic rubber materials for high-end resource reuse, such as high-performance solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber, ternary integrated rubber and polycyclopentadiene rubber

Qingdao ICOS new materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of polyurethane, synthetic rubber products and additives. At present, the company has applied for 9 national invention patents due to the lack of independent innovation technology, and 4 have been authorized

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