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The increase of automobile usage promotes the development of new injection molding technology

the industry is not an individual, but a intertwined and interdependent community. In recent years, the improvement of people's living standards has driven the use of cars, and the new demand in the automotive field has promoted the development of new injection molding technology

the extensive use of cars has benefited the injection molding industry, especially the current lightweight trend, the development of cars towards energy conservation and emission reduction, and plastics have become an important material for automobile production. From the processing methods used in plastics, most plastic products are formed by extruders

from the perspective of injection molding machine, the technology is gradually developing. Recently, the technology of scraping plastic with super energy carbon dioxide is popular. Injection molding has two development directions, one is to become bigger and bigger, and the other is to maintain the current scale and improve the accuracy. Compared with plastic additives, the greening of synthetic raw material selection is an important part of its source management. For example, on the screen, the LCD screen has bigger and bigger technology

in terms of computer simulation, the flow simulation technology has gradually matured. Besides flow, it can also simulate many other aspects, such as temperature. The technology of using computers to simulate extruders, including polymer alloys, is gradually developing. The technology of injection molding machine itself is also developing. It used to be hydraulic, but now it is gradually developing to electric. In addition to reducing the consumption of energy, electronic control, maintenance ability is also improving, and can make beautiful products for medical electronics and other aspects

with the increasing demand for plastic styles in automobiles, injection molding technology has also developed and improved. At present, there are injection molding processes that can make quite complex products. This process is called DSI process. The use of raw materials is nyhon6 GF30%, which can reduce its cost

there is also a trend that more automotive products use fiber. This product uses glass fiber. Using fiber technology, the weight of the car will be reduced and the cost will be reduced. The technology of using this kind of glass fiber is still developing gradually. Recently, people pay more attention to the technology of using carbon Shenhang interface for long-distance communication fiber. Now there are more and more automotive parts and components using carbon fiber products. Originally, carbon fiber was mainly used in aircraft to reduce the weight of aircraft, which can reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Now when carbon fiber is used in cars, it can reduce the weight of glass fiber and save energy

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