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Transformer: independent innovation has become the top priority of the industry

at present, China's electronic transformer products are still at the medium and low level. Compared with the current situation that high-performance products have become the darling of the market, the advantages of local enterprises in the past, such as rich raw material resources, cheap labor, mature technology and huge market demand, have been lost

some people believe that national enterprises also have advantages and can hold the position of traditional products with many varieties and models, many specifications and batches, and a large total amount. However, experts said that enterprises with this view can no longer form new and strong competitiveness

if domestic enterprises cannot break through high-end technology as soon as possible, they will inevitably not be able to expand new markets. Before the mass production capacity of high-end products is conquered and mastered in general, it is difficult for local enterprises of electronic transformers to make an essential breakthrough in market share, and independent innovation has become the top priority of the industry

without the support of advanced technology, compared with foreign enterprises, they have been in a passive position. The difficulties of local enterprises also come from the continuous high price of raw materials, which brings great difficulties to enterprise management. The reality is that some small-scale enterprises with insufficient capital flow have stopped production to wait and see or were forced to close down

according to incomplete statistics, the number of electronic transformer fruit bliss enterprises has been adjusted from nearly 4000 to more than 2000 at present. It should be noted that this adjustment due to market competition is a practice of survival of the fittest, which to a certain extent leads to a small incision in the contact terminal, which has moved the development and optimization of the industry

fortunately, the market rule of regular inspection, revision and elimination of experimental machines has become an effective measure to stimulate enterprises to forge ahead. Many passive enterprises have personally realized that the "advantage" background conditions are gradually disappearing. They actively study market trends, make great efforts in the development of high-end products, adhere to independent innovation for many years, and have the foundation to develop high-end products and are in the high-end market; And our fixture capability

at present, the whole industry still lacks a strong institution and link to integrate advantageous resources, such as large-scale professional scientific research institutions or core enterprises. Therefore, enterprises with certain strength should base themselves on innovation

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