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Shanxi's first pilot base for catalyst research and development was unveiled on May 22, Shanxi University Yangmei group announced that it was the only manufacturer of high impact suspension grade PVC for weatherproof energy-saving windows in the catalyst research and development pilot base was unveiled in Taiyuan. This is the first large-scale plastic market in Shanxi Province with the research and development of common technology catalysts in the downstream fine chemicals industry chain of coal chemical industry as the core. There are several 10 new bases, and it is also the domestic first-class coal chemical technology research and development base built by the Shanxi provincial government

Jia suotang, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Shanxi University, and peixiping, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Yangmei group, signed the framework of the cooperation agreement on behalf of both units. The construction of the base includes the pilot test of catalyst and the pilot test of catalyst performance application. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the core, key and common technologies involved in the downstream fine chemicals industrial chain of coal chemical industry

At the unveiling ceremony, zhaoshiping, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Yangmei group, said that according to the provincial "12th Five Year Plan" development plan, Shanxi will accelerate the construction of a modern coal chemical industry chain with "benzene, oil, olefin, gas and alcohol" as the main chain. The two sides will make full use of the industrial advantages of Shanxi Province in coal to methanol and coking benzene, and carry out in-depth development of high value-added fine chemicals around the new coal chemical basic products such as methanol and benzene (50kN, 100kN, 150kn, 200kn, 300KN) in the process of "coal methanol, coal coke benzene, coal acetylene" in coal chemical industry, so as to form a clean, efficient, high value-added The coal based fine chemicals industry chain with independent intellectual property rights improves the overall core competitiveness of China's coal chemical industry. Jia suotang pointed out that the two sides will also jointly apply for the National Engineering Research Center for the key technology of the C4 industrial chain downstream of coal chemical industry, establish a postdoctoral workstation, and create a new way of production, learning and research cooperation

the figure shows the text of the signing agreement exchanged by both parties

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