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Subdivide the cost of consumable types

with the continuous enrichment of Canon, Epson, HP and other color inkjet printer product lines, users may face more choices when purchasing printer products suitable for themselves. It is really difficult for non professional users to find a suitable product among so many products

the characteristics of color inkjet printer determine that its use cost is relatively high. It is divided into purchase cost and consumables cost. At present, mainstream low-end products of color ink-jet printers (such as Epson me30 and Canon iP1980) can be purchased within 500 yuan, while the middle-end model is about 1000 yuan, and the high-end model is more than 2000 yuan. For ordinary users, the author strongly recommends that you purchase products according to your actual needs, and do not blindly seek novelty and speed. However, if your printing standard is that you don't mind whether the printed things can be seen, otherwise it is not recommended to choose a low-end printer

the cost of consumable types can be seen separately

the cost of purchasing a machine. Then we can see the cost of consumables, including the cost of paper and ink. Of course, the most important is the cost of ink. This part of the cost is mainly determined by the ink head structure, ink cartridge mode and ink cartridge capacity of the printer. Therefore, users should consider these indicators when purchasing products

1. First of all, he is a doctoral student and material scientist in Wei laboratory. Then, if you visit the computer city, you will find that the ink cartridges of color ink-jet printers are extremely expensive. Any set costs more than 100 yuan, and some even more than 300 yuan! It is no exaggeration to say that the price of two sets of ink cartridges is more expensive than that of a printer trying to promote the green design and green supply chain of cars. So before you buy a printer, be sure to check the price of the ink cartridge and the ink capacity. Don't think it's cheap to buy a printer for only a few hundred yuan. If you think that the printing capacity of a set of ink cartridges with a few hundred yuan is about 100 to 250 pages, which makes you deeply feel that you can't stop, do you need to make a careful calculation? As long as you understand that printer manufacturers often adopt the sales strategy of low printer price and high ink consumption in order to ensure their own interests, you should not haggle over every ounce on the printer. Of course, if you want to choose a compatible cartridge, it is not included

2. Try to choose split ink cartridge

the ink head structure of color inkjet printer mainly includes two types: integrated and separated. Integrated ink head structure after the ink in the ink box is exhausted, the ink head and the ink box should be replaced together. This structure is relatively closely combined, but the relative cost of the ink cartridge is relatively high. HP printers use this structure. The ink head and ink box of the separated structure are separated. The ink box can be replaced separately after the ink is stable and efficient in the experimental process. The cost can be saved by changing the combined cushion at a certain time. Epson printer adopts this structure. At present, most printers use a double ink head structure, that is, a black ink head and a color ink head

in the design of ink cartridges, they all use black ink cartridges independently. Ink cartridges of other colors also have two forms: conjoined and split. The conjoined ink cartridge is designed to integrate the appearance of the color ink cartridge, whether it is three or five colors. Its advantage is that it can save the product cost and make the ink cartridge price relatively low. Moreover, the overall intensive design of the ink cartridge can make the overall design of the printer more compact. The disadvantage is that if the ink of one color is used up, the whole ink cartridge will not be able to continue to use, and the ink of other colors in the ink cartridge will be wasted. The independent ink cartridge is just the opposite. It takes each color as an independent body, and only needs to change one color after using one color. The purpose is to effectively avoid waste and save money. However, due to the independent packaging design, the cost of the overall ink cartridge is slightly higher than that of the combined ink cartridge. If your printed documents often focus on a certain color output, it is best to consider the product of separate cartridge

3. Purchase 4-color or more

4-color or more color printers do not have much difference in printing quality when printing monochrome text. However, when printing photos, the printing effect of more multi-color photos is better than that of four-color photos, because the ink of several colors is added, which makes the deployment color of the printer more diversified, the color of the printed photos more realistic, and the color transition will be more natural. Of course, the printing cost of multi-color will also increase. If you don't care about the print quality of photos, then 4-color products are enough

which kind of original, compatible and counterfeit consumables do you choose

according to relevant statistics, the proportion of original, compatible and counterfeit consumables in the domestic market is about 5:1:4, and that in foreign countries is about 6:4:0, that is to say, there are basically no counterfeit consumables in foreign countries. The share of counterfeit consumables in the domestic market is so high. From another point of view, domestic users know very little about consumables

printing consumables of Epson, HP, Canon and other brands are specially produced for printers of this brand, so they are also called original consumables. The original printing consumables are impeccable in quality and performance, which can save consumers 100% worry. For example, HP genuine ink cartridge adopts the integrated design of print head and ink, which has low failure rate and easy maintenance. When the nozzle fails irreparably, only a new ink cartridge needs to be replaced, making the cost lower; 3 microliter printing ink drops, clearer printing and higher quality; It is unnecessary to wash the nozzle with ink, which saves ink, reduces the cost of single page printing, prolongs the service life, and realizes real savings

general consumables have also developed rapidly in recent years. They can meet the printing needs of daily office manuscripts and documents in terms of product quality and printing quality. However, at present, many of the more than 100 brands, large and small, are miscellaneous brands of small workshops, which cannot be guaranteed in terms of product performance, quality, after-sales service and so on

in terms of ink cartridges, the most obvious manifestation of counterfeit ink cartridges is that the print quality is not guaranteed. Due to the mismatching of inferior ink used with ink cartridge nozzles and the backward filling technology, the most common problems are plug and ink leakage, which will not only frequently break the line, affect the print quality, but also corrode the internal circuit board of the printer, resulting in the scrapping of the printer or loss of warranty qualification

therefore, in order to perfectly reflect the printing effect and consider the comprehensive cost, the user must have a clear answer to which consumables to choose

from the outside to the inside: service is very important

because the unique technology of each manufacturer can not be imitated, most non original consumables are similar in shape rather than spirit. The manufacturers of these non original ink cartridges do not have relevant key information and technical support, which is far from showing the real quality of the printer. Non original inks generally have coarse particles. When it is necessary to show very subtle color levels, the colors are blurred with each other, and the picture is often blurred, which seriously affects the print quality

the importance of choosing the original ink cartridge lies in that if you choose the wrong ink cartridge or buy a fake one, you will not be able to get the relevant services of the original consumables manufacturer, resulting in irreparable losses. Therefore, good service and technical support are very important for users

summary: for users, the performance and quality of consumables mean whether they can save worry; The price level means whether the printing cost can be reduced and whether it can save money. When purchasing printing consumables, you should understand the printing effect, service life and other indicators of various consumables under the same printing conditions, so as to find the most suitable products

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