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Stora Enso wants to modify the functions of the board of directors, such as the management and employee compensation

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after obtaining the approval of the compensation committee and the board of directors, Stora Enso group's executive team has decided to take the following measures that will affect the management and employee compensation plan, but Liansu said it benefited from the government's initiatives to increase infrastructure expenditure. All planned measures are in full compliance with contractual restrictions and existing collective and trade union agreements

as in 2007, the cash bonus of the CEO in 2008 will be transferred to an extended three-year share plan

the CEO (2), the National Action Officer for cracking down on steel bars and other members of the group's executive team have promised to give up one month's salary in 2009

2009 salary adjustment will be postponed to december2009

2009 bonus for all employees will be based on financial objectives only

the 2009 bonus of the management will be paid in the form of Stora Enso shares in 2011

in addition, the board of directors has begun to reduce its 2009 remuneration by 50%

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