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Assembled steel wood or steel plastic structure packaging box

six technical features

I. It can manufacture large and medium-sized packaging boxes

because the box is supported by a steel structure frame with rectangular steel tubes (high yield and high strength in the profile steel of the same consumables), the mechanical structure of the box is more reasonable, The overall strength has been greatly improved (a single box has been successfully loaded with 4 tons of goods. 1. The steel rope lifting at the necessary points for the pre use inspection of the plastic tensile testing machine and the lifting test of the warming forklift in the international market have been successfully completed). The bearing capacity is large and not easy to be damaged. The annual production capacity after putting into operation is 600million watt hours, and its carrying capacity is more than 5 times that of ordinary wooden boxes. The steel wood packaging boxes made by this method (see Figure) have been exported to many countries for many years

II. It can be stacked or folded for storage and transportation, with a large stacking volume.

packaging containers have the function of stacking and folding, so the storage and carrying capacity can be greatly improved, thus greatly reducing the logistics cost; The stacking weight of single stack of multi-layer boxes can reach more than 6 tons

III. in addition, the structure is simple and easy to make.

the box is composed of a bottom plate (tray), a coaming (four sides) and a cover plate, which are respectively made of a rectangular steel pipe welded frame, and the cover plate of a wooden laminate (or plastic plate) is made of a bottom, a coaming and a cover plate, which are then connected by bolts. It can be called a wood integrated packaging box

IV. it can be assembled, disassembled, replaced and reused. Energy saving and environmental protection

as the box is an assembled structure, it can be disassembled and returned for reuse after use. In case of damage, it can also be replaced. Steel wood or steel plastic pallets can also be used separately as pallets. This not only saves a lot of raw materials (especially forest resources - logs) and production costs, but also creates favorable conditions for formulating industry standards and national standards in the future

v. clean and beautiful appearance, light and flexible texture, and convenient export

the box skillfully uses the characteristics of light weight and high strength such as rectangular steel pipe and wooden laminate. In addition, the wooden laminate has a large flat surface and is not easy to deform. After being made, the box is flat as a whole, with few joints and clear and beautiful marks. The materials are made of no logs or a small amount of logs and other customs inspection objects, which is easy to export

VI. industry and national packaging standards can be considered. It is beneficial to the country and the people

it is suggested that the industry and the country should formulate the technical standards for assembled steel wood or steel plastic structure packaging boxes, and provide the packaging market with standard steel wood (plastic) pallets, coaming and cover plates of different specifications and models

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