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Subvert the tradition and lead the trend! Nuantushi liquid graphene invisible heating system makes a brilliant debut

subverts the tradition and leads the trend! The output of warm coating will reach 500000 parts per year (the picture is from Volvo). The liquid graphene invisible heating system will make a brilliant debut on December 23, 2019. Recently, as one of the few high-tech enterprises in China that really carry out scientific research and application of graphene materials, Zhuhai polycarbonate composites has 1 The graphene slurry application research and development center of aluminum alloy cable technology and product origin Co., Ltd. has made a major breakthrough in the field of graphene electrothermal slurry, successfully applied liquid graphene to coatings, thus transforming the wall paint painted on the wall into a "heater" to escort users in winter

turn the ordinary wall of the home into an "electric heater", which does not need to chisel the wall and dig the ground, with fast installation speed, a thickness of only 1mm, and fast heating speed... Such numerous and novel functions directly refresh consumers' previous understanding of heating equipment in winter

based on the characteristics of this product, polycarbonate timely introduced the concept of "liquid graphene invisible heating system", and used "warm coating" as the brand name of its series of products to grandly launch the market, aiming to provide users with a more convenient, comfortable and comprehensive integrated heating service coating in this winter

the passionate collision between graphene and coating subverts the heating industry

in winter, the difference between north-south heating and urban-rural heating always becomes a hot spot. Compared with centralized heating, which is uniformly distributed at the government level, others, such as air conditioners, floor heaters, electric heaters, coal stoves, etc., are always unsatisfying. The biggest pain point is that in the context of consumption upgrading, people increasingly pay attention to the quality of life, but the heating demand in winter has not been met - poor comfort, difficult overall heating, difficult construction, high cost, difficult maintenance, many hidden dangers... It has not been effectively solved in one product, and the market is eager to have a "perfect" heating product

in response to this pain point, polycarbonate launched the "warm coated liquid graphene invisible heating system". Based on a variety of heating demands in the home environment, it makes use of the excellent physical properties of graphene to integrate simplicity, health, warmth, invisibility and safety, and strives to achieve a higher standard of heating requirements of users

in terms of technology, the warm coated liquid graphene invisible heating system uses the high-tech material graphene as the heating body. In the process of operation, it directly acts on people or objects in the space by relying on the far-infrared ray generated, so that users can directly experience the feeling of "warmth". The product is equipped with a temperature control system to realize the management of energy saving and temperature control. It has the characteristics of high technology, health, comfort, safety, environmental protection and energy saving. It is a subversive and high-quality new heating method

in terms of installation, the product is no different from the coating method of ordinary household coatings. Roll coating operation is adopted. No matter new or old houses, there is almost no need to carry out substantial rectification on the wall. The construction speed is fast. Generally, the heating can be carried out on the same day of construction, and construction from any angle can be accepted

it is commendable that the product will not affect the original home decoration style. It is super flat, with a thickness of no more than 1mm. It can quickly heat up after power on, and it is difficult to see the difference before and after construction with the naked eye

finally, the warm coated liquid graphene invisible heating system uses 36V safe voltage for power supply, without electric shock and fire hazards caused by power consumption problems. The heating coating is made of environmental friendly materials. After construction, it will not cause secondary pollution to the house, which is healthy and environmentally friendly

it is worth mentioning that the warm coated liquid graphene invisible heating system after power supply will produce a large number of far-infrared rays that are beneficial to human health, and the wavelength is very close to the far-infrared wavelength of human body. It can improve and prevent a variety of diseases caused by blood circulation and microcirculation disorders, expand microvessels, accelerate blood circulation, relieve joint pain, regulate autonomic nerves, and play a role in skin care and beauty

with a strong presence, nuantushi liquid graphene invisible heating system solves the problem of "heating upgrading" of consumers

currently, China's heating market is undergoing a transformation period, with opportunities and challenges. Whoever can solve consumers' personalized heating demands can establish a core competitive advantage in the increasingly fierce functional market

before the project of "liquid graphene invisible heating system" was approved, the development center of exhibition halls 1, 2 and 3 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center for the application and research of carbon graphene slurry collected a large number of consumers' pain points and demands for heating products, and found that consumers' overall demands for health, comfort, safety and convenience were increasing. After discovering that this situation had become the designated polypropylene futures delivery warehouse of Dalian Commodity Exchange, With the help of graphene's advantages in electric heating, polycarbonate began to research and develop, and finally has today's warm coated liquid graphene invisible heating system

for example, in the family scene, the warm coating can be quickly constructed without changing the original decoration style. It can be installed on the same day and heated on the same day. The heating coating with a thickness of about 1mm makes the changes before and after installation basically unchanged and almost does not occupy space. The design of heating with far-infrared heating technology can provide comfortable heat for the human body without feeling dry and uncomfortable

other heating equipment, such as coal stove, electric heater, water heater, etc., are either exposed, difficult to remove, and prone to scald and fire hazards. The design concept of quick installation of warm coating and invisible heating all starts from the most details to solve the current personalized needs of consumers

polycarbonate has a deep understanding of consumers' needs, matched consumers' heating pain points, established its own core competitiveness in several years, and played a benchmarking role for the future development of China's heating industry

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