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SPS Automation Shanghai has given Shanghai a choice. The exhibition concept of

sps was first formed in Germany. Relying on the atmosphere of paying equal attention to academic research and commercial exchanges in the German industry, it has grown from a serious industry seminar to the most appealing electrical automation exhibition in Europe. Transplanting the concept of foreign parent exhibition to China was an adventure at the beginning, but the increasing success of Guangzhou SIAF exhibition proved that only the concept of graphene country in German physical method can be perfectly integrated with the Chinese market. In the view of lanciform exhibition company, choosing Shanghai is not only a new adventure that can bring surprises, but also a new choice for Shanghai customers

sps in China, from South China to East China

a few years ago, relying on the industrial concentration advantage of the South China coast, SPS entered Guangzhou. As the first stop to enter China, SPS in that year chose conservatively. The organizer complied with the Convention of the Chinese exhibition market and operated SIAF Guangzhou Industrial Automation Exhibition in the Chinese mode, which was a success at one stroke. Nowadays, when entering the East China market, the competitive pressure is a little heavier than that in the past, but the direction is more clear: the ideal of the organizer is undoubtedly to further integrate the German concept with the Chinese market, not limited to the South China market

for Messe Frankfurt, the exhibitors' relationships all over the world are the biggest source of confidence to start any foreign exhibition. At the beginning of the SPS Shanghai station project, many leading European automation enterprises spared no effort to support the industry in the strengthening stage, such as the point to point section of the graph. These supports have helped to open up the situation, which is both a driving force and a pressure. After all, the government cannot be relied on alone. Accurate new market development strategy and exhibition concept are the long-term foothold of the exhibition. We will not indulge in the brilliant development of SPS in Europe. We will strive for vitality and creativity to show our strength in Shanghai

since the 1990s,

breaking inertia is to create competitive advantage.

from the perspective of exhibitors themselves, they have long-term inertia publicity means in Shanghai. Breaking the inertia of exhibitors is a big challenge for SPS China team

what is needed to arouse the desire of enterprises to break the rules is not ambiguous propaganda. Imagine building a large shed, an information desk and a business card box to gather people. What's the difference with other exhibitions? When you do the opposite, you will find unique Keywords: intensive, intuitive and effective. Market publicity is an important means of enterprise competition. When everyone uses one way or one platform to do one thing, the publicity effect becomes inseparable and loses the significance of publicity. SPS needs to provide a new choice for enterprises in East China, which is both a mission and a pursuit

leading the Academic Exhibition trend

sps platform is different in that it not only meets the traditional publicity needs of the exhibition, but also a series of academic seminars and information exchange activities will be held at the same time as the exhibition for the current most cutting-edge products and R & D technologies. The seminar composed of Phoenix Contact, German ZVEI Electric Association and Chinese and German universities is one of the biggest highlights

in addition, PCIM Asia, an exhibition focusing on power electronics, intelligent sports, renewable energy and energy management, was held at the same time. It has been supported by professional buyers, engineers and scientific researchers for many years. It is the leading professional exhibition and seminar of power electronics in China. SPS and PCIM Asia complement each other and share visitor resources

the conference committee composed of Chinese and German industry experts will draw up the theme of each conference and select excellent and innovative enterprise representatives to show the audience the latest development trends of the industry. The topic of this seminar is proposed to be:

sps' new journey in the world Shanghai station. From June 24 to 26, 2015, Phoenix Contact, Haoting, EPLAN, Kerui sensor, senzapate and other outstanding enterprises as well as industry authoritative experts will meet at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall. Are you coming or not

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