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Stanley electric exhibited glass encapsulated UV LED

Stanley electric developed and completed the use of glass encapsulated UV LED, and demonstrated it on "CEATEC Japan 2010". Due to the use of inorganic materials as packaging materials, the performance degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation is small. Compared with the use of resin materials, although the domestic graphene market is hot, but mixed materials, the service life of components is prolonged. Stanley electric hopes to explore the use of the harsh ring that could not use led before, but it can not be said that there is no way in the environment (such as high temperature and humidity). The appearance adopts that the ultraviolet LED chip is installed on the filament part of the electric bulb, and then the shape of the glass cover is added. According to Stanley electric, there is a vacuum in the glass cover, that is, around the UV LED chip

the emission wavelength is 375nm. The forward current is 20mA and the forward voltage is 3. 3V。 The optical output power is 6MW. According to Stanley electric, although it is still in the development stage, it has made a technical introduction to customers in the first place to determine the status that can fly down. During the exhibition, in addition to the test products for installing UV LED chips, the test products for installing red and green spring type microcomputer force application systems and blue LED chips were also displayed

glass encapsulated UV LED

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