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Beijing bamag successfully implemented sapbusinessone

as a joint-venture and holding subsidiary of German Sula group in China, Beijing bamag Machinery Co., Ltd. is faced with the need to use ERP system to fully integrate with the headquarters and improve its overall management level to meet international standards. SAP busine

ss one provides Beijing bamag with flexible and scalable business solutions at affordable cost and in a convenient way, Make the management of the company more "transparent"

"internal diplomatic difficulties" triggered the demand for information technology

Beijing Barmag Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first Sino foreign joint venture in China to face the world chemical fiber equipment market, which was invested and established by German Barmag company and Beijing chemical fiber industry company on the basis of Beijing Technical Service Department of Barmag in 1985. After asset operation, Beijing bamag is now a joint-venture holding subsidiary of the multinational Saurer group in China. It is mainly engaged in textile machinery and equipment engineering projects and provides a complete set of textile equipment and installation after-sales services for silk manufacturers in southern China. As an expert in the textile field, Sula group has businesses all over the world. It has many brands, such as bamag, Alma, MECO, etc. the group headquarters and many regions uniformly adopt SAP's large-scale enterprise resource planning software - R3

in this case, on the one hand, the demand of Beijing bamag for implementing ERP comes from the requirements of the headquarters. Sula group requires that all subsidiaries in the world have relatively high internal control ability. The financial leadership of the group regularly conducts internal audit on all subsidiaries, and requires that the cost control mechanism of subsidiaries should be relatively perfect and reach a high level. For Beijing bamag, without the support of a good ERP system, the data provided by the group headquarters will be far from meeting the requirements. On the other hand, the operation history of Beijing bamag has been nearly 20 years, and some work habits and business processes have become lengthy and inappropriate. It is expected to improve the company's operation processes and management level to a new level through the implementation of ERP. "For Beijing bamag itself, it is necessary to meet the needs of strengthening internal control, ensuring the smooth transmission of information flow between departments, and standardizing enterprise management processes. Our internal and external needs complement each other." Yang Rong, financial director and ERP project leader of Beijing bamag Machinery Co., Ltd., said

congenial to the "red carpet"

previously, Beijing Bama has used the financial software system of American manufacturers in the financial department based on the data of 2018. What needs special attention is the effective travel and sample fixture of the electronic tensile machine. It has used the business software of other foreign manufacturers in the logistics department. To some extent, they have only solved the department level application, However, information cannot be shared throughout the company. As a joint venture directly managed by a foreign general manager, Beijing bamag also has strong multicultural characteristics. Therefore, ERP software must also be able to meet this culture of the company. In addition to better connection with SAP R3 of Sula group headquarters, Beijing bamag also has its own requirements for ERP model selection. Different from the traditional production-oriented enterprises' step-by-step mode from design, procurement to production, the textile engineering project of Beijing bamag is characterized by the requirement that the design and procurement must be carried out simultaneously, which has high requirements on time and progress. This requires that the ERP system must be flexible to process data such as "design bill of materials" according to the business needs of the enterprise. This is not what most ERP software can do. Sula group headquarters once hoped that Beijing bamag would directly apply SAP R3 system, but Beijing bamag found that the functions of R3 exceeded the current company's needs a lot, so it was not necessary to fully implement this large-scale enterprise management software of SAP at a high cost. SAP's small and medium-sized enterprise solution business one has been able to provide a flexible business system that can be centrally integrated with SAP R3, So that the company can flexibly adjust and install according to its own business needs, and the cost is very low. In addition, in terms of implementation effect and follow-up services, Beijing bamag hopes to use localized implementers

at this time, Beijing Avio (AVA) Technology Co., Ltd. came into the sight of Beijing bamag. Ovio is an SAP business one solution agent authorized by SAP and has rich experience in enterprise management consulting and it services. "We have had a lot of exchanges and a long time of communication with the implementer, ovio, for nearly seven months. What Beijing bamag attaches most importance to ovio is the consistency of ideas between the two sides," said Yang Rong. This expansion and selection experiment has achieved good results, explaining the reasons for choosing ovio as the implementer of SAP business one, "We require the implementer not only to understand the needs of the enterprise, but also to provide useful and constructive suggestions to the enterprise." Indeed, Beijing bamag attaches great importance to taking advantage of the implementation of ERP this time to comprehensively carry out continuous, real-time and automated experimental methods to integrate the trend business processes, to make a top-down management change, and to change the phenomenon that the original business processes are intertwined and the division of rights and responsibilities is unclear. "Management change and it technology should be combined. As a tool, SAP business one software will solidify the results of management change." Hupengcheng, general manager of Beijing aoweiao Technology Co., Ltd., thinks so. It is in this way that both sides, with the same idea, finally walked on the "red" road hand in hand

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