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"People-oriented, quality-oriented and sincere" are the core values of Shiyou flooring. For ten years, we insist on several times higher cost investment than others to ensure the excellent quality of each Shiyou flooring

floor, as an important part of home decoration, is related to the long-term physical and mental health of every consumer. However, in order to reduce costs, some flooring enterprises use a variety of camouflage methods to produce low-quality flooring, or use low-quality wood with high-quality veneer, or use wood with insect eyes, flower spots and other defects to "cosmetic" on the surface through transfer patterns, or use short boards of different lengths to splice. We can produce two-color boards, transfer boards, veneers, thin backboards and short-lived boards. Due to the natural defects of the product, it is easy to appear arching, deformation, cracking, fracture and other phenomena after paving, which seriously damages the interests of consumers

as a leading enterprise in the flooring industry, Shiyou flooring follows the business philosophy of "building a quality benchmark" and takes making thousands of families healthy and happy as its mission. It redefines high-quality flooring from the five indicators of configuration, environmental protection, stability, scratch resistance and wear resistance that consumers are most concerned about wood flooring, and formulates "5A Standard Board", namely, high configuration, high environmental protection, high stability, high scratch resistance and high wear resistance, to declare war on the "Five ghosts" flooring. Shiyou flooring has established seven high-quality wood procurement bases around the world, 100% of which are grade a boards, selected layer by layer, and are truly high-grade flooring

through strict manufacturing process, Shiyou flooring ensures that each floor meets E0 standard, allowing consumers to move truly environmentally friendly and healthy flooring into their homes. According to the climate difference between the South and North paved areas, Shiyou flooring implements artificial moisture content slice inspection to ensure that the moisture content of each floor is consistent with the local environment, solve the problem that the floor is easy to deform, and let consumers buy at ease and use at ease

Shiyou floor adopts 18 anti marking paint coating process, and the paint hardness is 6 times that of ordinary solid wood floor. There is basically no trace when scraping on the floor with coins, which solves the consumer's concern about the easily scratched floor in life and greatly prolongs the service life of the floor; Using titanium crystal anti marking modified UV paint, the floor can withstand long-term scratching, long-term use, and the color is as new, so that the floor at home is always "fresh"

Shiyou has always attached importance to product quality and is famous for its excellent quality in the industry. Shiyou has established the brand positioning of "building the first quality in the industry". In the future, it will make greater efforts to provide consumers with high-quality products and services. At the same time, it will also actively assume corporate responsibility, crack down on fake and inferior products, and create an honest consumption environment

"people-oriented, quality-oriented and sincere" are the core values of Shiyou flooring. For ten years, the cost investment is several times higher than others to ensure the excellent quality of each Shiyou flooring. It is the tireless pursuit of product quality that the brand of Shiyou flooring has been recognized by domestic and foreign consumers and peers in the industry




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